Friday, March 2, 2012

New trailer of the day: Frankenweenie

I'd like to apologize as I was going to post this yesterday, but I ended up getting got caught up trying to fix my Human Centipede2 Review [it really fell out of it's alignment somehow, and some of the font went weird..] Anyways! Speaking first and foremost as the Tim Burton fan I am, I already own the original version of Frankenweenie [as most other fans know, it was released on the special features of the re-release of Nightmare Before Christmas- which is technically how I own it] But for the past few years, we've been hearing about a Frankenweenie remake- rather than the original half an hour short. All we were told was that the newer version of the film would be stop-motion [So in the style of Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride] and that would be a full length film. Up until lately however, we have been completely denied anything more about the Frankenweenie remake except for a poster that has been released [I actually made a post about the poster which you can read about here] However, completely by accident, I found out that there was actually a trailer released yesterday which obviously I had to see. After watching the trailer, I noticed that Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter [who are two familiar faces in Tim Burton's movies] are actually not in this movie. [which kind of makes me sad as Johnny is my favorite actor.] Why Tim decided to not have them in this movie actually almost confuses me- as they are usually right there with him [Depp being Tim's children's Godfather and Bonham Carter as his fianceƩ] Lastly, I'd like to share that during this weekend [most likely] I will be posting more content than usual, as Stephanie [as stated before- my fianceƩ] will be visiting her parents out of town until Sunday evening, therefore I will be up late posting until roughly 1am, if not later. Below, you will find the trailer for Frankenweenie..

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