Monday, July 21, 2014

moving towards newer and exciting things! [and what is 'warrenisweird'?]
I have no idea who the original artist of this is, but it's fucking cool.

[NOTE: this is going to feel like a wall of text, but I feel like it needs to be mentioned]

Like most things in life, some things were meant to come to a close. The 'thing' this time around, is none other than FIREWORK EYES & HAUNTED HEARTS. [wait, what?!] Let me elaborate. When I first started this blog, I originally wanted to blog about my favorite horror/cult films, comic-books and even my childhood [super]heroes. However, as I continued writing on FIREWORK EYES & HAUNTED HEARTS, I began to realize that I was finding it harder and harder to find newer and more exciting topics to blog about.


After 2 years of occasionally typing a post up — let alone, only when I had the time — I eventually grew to feel like writing up a new blog post was more of a hassle then an exciting and fun hobby. [which was the initial idea behind creating the blog] I would constantly scour the internet hoping to find something I found interesting that I may have missed through-out the days I worked, [or whatever excuse I gave at the time] hoping to find something to talk about. I started losing faith in my own blog [tragic, I know..] If you [still] haven't figured out what I mean by this post yet, it means I'm going to be [in a sense] abandoning this blog.. Now, I don't mean I'm going to delete it as whole, but it's going to become more of a secondary blog.. more of an 'if I have the time, I'll go and visit my old writings' kind of blog.


before you can ask yourself 'a secondary blog?'  I will explain exactly what I mean. For awhile now, I have been meaning to change up the formula of FIREWORK EYES & HAUNTED HEARTS - so much, that I was thinking of even discarding this blog entirely, and starting fresh: which is what I essentially did; in a sense, anyway. This is where [and how] I've changed it up: I will no longer be writing new posts here [maybe occasionally, but no strict schedule behind it] in fact, the reason for no new posts is that I have a new blog.. that's right, a brand new page which will actually be frequently posted upon! [though, as a note, I won't be deleting the fan page on Facebook for this blog either..]


I call it 'warrenisweird', and it can be found at this link. just think, an actual blog that I can write what I want, when I want. I actually started it today, and meant to type this post along with the creation of it. [but Blogger was being stupid and wouldn't let me fucking log in..] I have a new format that works 100% better then this one did/does, and I already feel like it's going to go along reeeeeally smooooooothly. hell, I'm even looking into a full blown domain [so it can be written under the name] which alone should show my dedication to how badly I trust in it.

  This is where I want to thank you readers. I want to thank you; immensely. even if you didn't 'follow' the fan-page, or 'like' the blog on Google.. if you read even a singular post on FIREWORK EYES & HAUNTED HEARTS, I fucking love you. by reading just one post, shows me that I am capable of having 'fans' of sorts.. and that's a damn good feeling. I definitely will dedicate my skills of writing to this blog, because without it; I wouldn't have learned all sorts of 'tricks of the trade' if you will [I guess school helped as well aha!]


So there it is, I'm moving forward. I never thought this would happen, but I'm so glad it did. I'm feeling a little bittersweet, leaving 2 years of postings behind; but this is a fresh start. as my last post, I want to again thank you for sticking around once and awhile, and [somehow] convince you to follow me on the new blog page: warrenisweird ! see you on the flip side!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Korean originals VS American remakes.
OLDBOY: original [left] VS remake [right]

Have you ever watched a film from another country and thought to yourself: "man, this is so awesome, I love it!" ..only to find that a reboot/remake was on it's way in a year or two? As someone who is starting to appreciate Korean film more now, I've decided that it's probably a good time to bring up my thoughts on how many films from other countries are being "Americanized" [which means it'll be dulled down..usually.] 

The biggest offender I want to mention is Oldboy; yes, I'm going there. Oldboy is a film I talk about constantly being one of my favorite foreign films of all time. [hence why I used it above! if you want to read my thoughts on the original Oldboy, you can read the review here]  It's graphic, it's ridiculous in every way, and somehow, you just feel fucking hardcore following Oh-Dai-Su [until that ending..] through his revenge.. and then they fucking remade it..y'know, for American audiences. Now, to be fair - I haven't seen the remake yet [but it is on Netflix, so I will soon enough..] but I don't understand why it was felt to be necessary, I mean the film still stands well for being from 2003!
SPOILER: I don't see this scene holding up well with American audiences..

But obviously, that isn't enough for Hollywood [who, as I've mentioned before, has no imagination left.]. Now, they want to remake I SAW THE DEVIL [which as it turns out - I also it here]! If you thought Oldboy was nuts, and haven't seen I SAW THE DEVIL, you should definitely get on that: because it takes things extremely far - far enough that I can't even see the MPAA being okay with the content!
good luck translating this for America.

 The last Korean film I'm going to mention is a special film that's held to my heart that is [unfortunately] in talks to be remade: [I actually bought this film yesterday, since I didn't already own it] that film is none other than Audition. It's a film from 1999 from Director Takashi Miike, so you know you're already fucked. It follows a widowed man, who is convinced to hold a 'fake audition' to find a suitable new wife. that's all I'm gonna say, since it's more of a "watch this!" kind of film rather than me recite the whole film. None the less, it's eerie, it's brutal, and it even got spot #11 on Bravo's list of 100 scariest movie moments ! [obviously, the list has spoilers!]
like I said on my Letterboxd review of Auditon: just cause she's cute, doesn't mean you're safe..
So what films do you feel should not be remade? I only talked about Korean films here, but obviously, there are so many films that have already been remade that it isn't worth talking about them all. [I'm not going to mention A Nightmare On Elm Street, Fright Night, or even Friday The 13th: they speak for themselves..] But, I guess I can't complain too much. Because sometimes, remakes do it right - look at the remake of Evil Dead from 2013 from Director Fede Alvarez! [he's also known for the remake of The Hills Have Eyes!]
For a film I was skeptical about, I actually really enjoyed this remake.

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Monday, June 23, 2014

05 things you may have missed that happened this week!

Over the course of the weekend [while I was working - starting on Friday], I realized that there was a lot of news that came to light that just needs to be talked about; I tried to write them all down so I can remember which ones I specifically wanted to talk about, but ultimately couldn't cause I was too busy. Luckily, my memory isn't too terrible so I've decided to collect the news I find the most exciting [bear in mind, to many people - these topics aren't entirely new]

  • Number 01: Sarah Paulson revealed her character for American Horror Story: Freakshow to the world: 


While some may think this is a weird idea [I certainly did at first], I think it's going to be fucking awesome! I mean, it is going to be called Freakshow afterall, what else could we have expected! Knowing that we're going to get two times the Sarah Paulson action is perfectly fine with me! It just means that I now definitely need to start Coven.. sorry for being delayed on that one! As soon as it hits Netflix, I swear!


  • Number 02: the video game Dead Rising is getting itself a movie: 
Because who doesn't enjoy smacking around some zombies with a guitar? Now before you get too excited, It's not getting a theatrical release. [I know, boo!] Instead, it will be released as an exclusive on Crackle, before it’s made available on DVD and/or Blu-Ray. The film doesn't have a release date yet and which game's story-line the film it's using [hopefully Dead Rising 2!] hasn't been noted either. It's being made by Tim Carter and produced by Tomas Harlan, who are probably best known as the co-owners of Contradiction Films, which also produced the Mortal Kombat: Legacy web series for Machinima - which you can watch the first season [in full!] here

  • Number 03: The [second] reboot of Friday The 13th will be in 3-D: 
I don't know about you, but I'm growing weary of these remakes; from Carrie [which was surprisingly good for a carbon copy], A Nightmare On Elm Street, Friday The 13th & even Friday The 13th .. again. As it turns out, this reboot is going to be in 3-D - as opposed to the found footage curve that was initially planned. with David Bruckner in talks to be director, I just hope the 3-D is a little more than just a gimmick..

 Number 04:  KOBIAN, the robotic comedian.. wait, what?? :
I'm still on the fence about if I think this is 'unique' or just nightmare fuel.. KOBIAN's full name is actually "Bipedal Humanoid Robot That Makes Humans Laugh With Use of the Method of Comedy and Affects Their Psychological State Actively." [because, of course it is..] As it seems though, through [what I could only imagine was] extremely tiring research, scientists in Japan tried to figure out what makes people laugh and see if they could program a robot to duplicate them. Being the scientists they are, they ended with conclusions such as: "Part of the methods for making humans laugh are published by comedians or researchers. In order to achieve a robot's behavior for making humans laugh based on these methods, we studied 6 books[16-21] in which the methods for comedy and the ways for funny conversations are gathered comprehensively. These methods in the books are picked up from wide range of skits or ways of expressions, but most of the methods are commonly the same between other contents. We extracted the methods that are especially common in these books and show them below." [info on KOBIAN, including a video of 'it' found here] I don't think I'm sleeping tonight; and it's only 10:00 am!

 Number 05: Tim Burton's  'lost film' Hansel and Gretel has resurfaced on the internet:

 [Watch Tim Burton's 'lost' film: Hansel and Gretel above!] You've got to hand it to people on the internet; from finding people's addresses to finding old film shorts that seemed to be lost forever, you can really find anything so long as you look in the right place. I'm a huge fan of Tim Burton so this short is perfect news for me! Of course, the downfall is now I have to find a copy of it somehow, and that's assuming I even can ! It certainly fits Tim's style, no?


Well, now I can relax[I was out at 2:00am for work and I'm off today!] knowing my phone won't abruptly go off and I'm on my way to work.. [knock on wood] Now just to get that fucking KOBIAN bot out of my head and I'll be fine.. Be sure to 'like' the fan page for Firework Eyes & Haunted Hearts on Facebook; which you can find here, or even follow me on Twitter. [visit my profile here] If you have a Tumblr, be sure to follow me here or my more horror explicit Tumblr here [please be aware, that my second Tumblr page has inappropriate content for readers/viewers under the age of 18] Have a suggestion for a new post? Send me your comments and/or ideas anywhere mentioned above. Until my next post though, CHEERS!