Monday, December 31, 2012

2012; Another year gone by

So here we are, another year gone by. Hard to believe that it's already going to be 2013 tomorrow.. [spoiler alert; we survived the apocalypse] I figured I should post at this time because I actually run off to work today at 4 and work from 12pm to 11pm tomorrow.. so now sounds like an idea. What can we say about 2012? Well, a lot of shit happened. We got all sorts of awesome movies while others weren't really worth watching. 2012 also brought surprises, and talks of remakes that seem like fucking nightmares to fans of the original[s] while other remakes sound like a really good idea. [I'm talking about you,"Carrie"] So let us begin this final 2012 post with a snapshot of what I feel was worth talking about in 2012..

Warren's TOP 5 FAVORITE MOVIES/TV SHOWS from 2012: [no particular order] 

Number 1; ParaNorman


This was one of those movies that looks like it's for kids, but there is clearly hints that it's deemed towards adults. It had a lot of throw back to older horror films, and the animation was just plain awe inspiring. Definitely can't have a top 5 of 2012 without ParaNorman on the list- it was both cute, enjoyable and creepy; All wrapped in one.
Number 2; Dark Shadows

Here is the part where I seem a little bias. As you may or may not know, I am a HUGE Tim Burton fan; [I own every movie he's ever directed] so it comes to no surprise that when I heard he was making "Dark Shadows", I was obviously excited. However, although I enjoyed it a lot, I can't say it was my favorite Tim Burton flick [I will always prefer Ed Wood] 

Number 3; Frankenweenie

Another Tim Burton movie?! Absolutely!  This one was probably the one I preferred over the 2 Burton flicks on this list; It was both creepy & somewhat adorable. As other Tim Burton fans will tell you, this one was actually a remake! The original can actually be found on the 3 disc special edition of A Nightmare Before Christmas under the special features. [the original is from 1984]
Number 4; American Horror Story

 Although technically from 2011, I actually got to the show late.. as in one year later late. I was always told by friends that since I like scary/horror movies, that I'd actually really enjoy this show. Somehow, I put it off until this year- and holy fuck did I miss out. This show is just has so much feeling attached to it.. Funny, Scary, Creepy, Quotable, Amazing. Certainly on my top 5; I fully recommend it!
Number 5; The Avengers

Obviously, this movie was a must on this list because I'm a Marvel fan. It was entertaining to watch and there was a ton of awesome scenes. As much as I expected my favorite superhero not to be in it [Spider-Man isn't an Avenger] I still really really enjoyed it. I will admit however, I saw this for the heroes.. not just for Scarlett Johansson. Although she certainly made the movie more enjoyable. 
So there they are- 5 of my favorite movies/TV shows of 2012! As expected, there is way more that just these 5 that I enjoyed this past year, [I mean who could forget "The Amazing Spider-Man" or the new seasons of Dexter?] but there is no way I could fit them all into one posting. Bring on 2013.. I'll be posting a shit ton more than this year, since I have Fridays off school. [and not as much work; due to being at school] Happy New Years Everyone!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

So apparently the world is ending tomorrow.. but I'm not here to worry about that.

well the time has finally come upon us.. "The End Of The World" is tomorrow. [or at least it is for me, being in Canada- I guess it kind of depends on where you live..] However, not everyone thinks that the world is coming to an immediate halt just yet; me included. I don't know if I am willing to accept the idea of the world ending after we had been told it was already suppose to about 5 to 10 times already.. and yet NOTHING. Besides, the world can't end tomorrow- I get paid tomorrow! [hey, I thought it was funny..] Seriously though, I have to work for all week Christmas as it is, and even New Years ! So I'd like to be safe knowing I'm going to have atleast today and tomorrow off.. Every where you look there is talks of the end of the world- and even if you search the date "12-21-2012", one of Google's "did you mean"s is "End Of The World". Everywhere I turn, there is something else about the world ending, and I'm sure I'm not the only one getting tired of it. The idea that everything is going to end again.. is getting kind of bland.

Let's change the topic, because the idea of the world ending is going to get kind of fucking annoying. [cue the Facebook posts] As mentioned above, I'm working most of the remainder of December. [all Christmas week is gonna be dull at a theater, but who really knows?] & I'd love to take the time to blog a whole bunch like I said I wanted to [thankfully school is coming? ..never thought I'd say those words together] but for now, I only have today and tomorrow off then it's off to crazy work times. For this post however, it's going to be in the new format that was used in the post beneath this one..[and they all will be from now on.. at least most] 
POINT #1- Rob Zombie's Lords Of Salem finally has a release date: with the trailer already out [it can be found here] , the movie will be premiering in theaters April 26th,I can safely say I'm stoked for this to be released. As a huge fan of The Devil's Rejects & House Of 1000 Corpses, I'm glad to know we're finally getting a new Rob Zombie flick- especially since he's demanding an R rating on it.

POINT #2- Pacific Rim looks fucking bad ass: I'm gonna go ahead and assume all of you hardcore movie fans have already seen the trailer for this [if not you can watch it here] and it's looking pretty extreme. Now although many people are saying that it's looking like something out of a robot anime show; I think it seems like a decent idea for a movie like this to come out- at leastit isn't another possession movie [cough* Paranormal Activity 5]
 POINT #3- Wolverine will be returning in X-Men: Days Of Future's Past: Straight from Bryan Singer's Twitter account [Singer is going to be the director of the movie], he welcomes Hugh Jackman himself as Wolverine, just the way we like it, I just hope he's not just a cameo like he was in X-Men:First Class, although I will admit, that was the best surprise cameo ever..

So there you go, a few more points in the world of geek/horror, and some general updates on the author; me. What do you guys think? is the world truly going to end tomorrow? Am I gonna survive at work through Christmas- or is it going to be really slow because no one wants to see a movie? until my next post. Cheers.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

"That is excellent news indeed, Sir.. & news you say?"

If you're a fan over at the Facebook page [found here], I posted a small note saying that there is good news headed to the way of the readers of Firework Eyes & Haunted Hearts. [even if it does seem like it would be more of a positive for me..]  Usually, I tend to apologize greatly for not posting a lot during a month [or as it seems, every month- sigh] due to school, and work. However, I got my schedule for school next semester yesterday, and I came across something fantastic [at least, I think it is]; seems that this semester [from January 7th to April 28 2013] I actually have Fridays and Mondays off ! I find this extremely helpful because then I get a 4 day weekend- therefore, giving me more time to Blog !

Thanks Kip, you're an alright kid.
  Seriously though, I think this is fantastic, because I'm going to make up for all the lost days I could have blogged and post dozens upon dozens new posts; especially since now I have the time for it ! Also, I find it extremely helpful because then I can actually create and posts the VLOGs I kept telling myself that I was gonna make for a YouTube channel I was planning previously.. In other news, let us get into the news that I'm really here to post about; nerd & horror news !
  • POINT #1- Jumanji is getting a remake;I'm sure you all remember this movie: Jumanji was about a young boy who gets sucked into a board game for a whole bunch of years, only to be finally freed when two new kids move into his old house [that he grew up in] and pick up where he left off years later..  I don't know if I'm okay with a remake of this; although I don't think I'd know for sure unless I were to rewatch it at some point soon to know for sure. [perhaps a movie review from my inner child is in order?] It's pretty well the movie of my childhood so I'm kind of skeptical about this one[even if it did terrify me... Points for being a '90s kid !] Hollywood did remake A Nightmare On Elm Street..ugh.
  • POINT #2- Kick-Ass 2 has an official plot synopsis that has been revealed- according to my friends over at GeekTyrant, Kick-Ass 2, the sequel to the amazing first film [seriously, if you haven't seen it; and you like superheroes..see it.] has finally got a synopsis that has been posted online: & I'm gonna share it here for you;
    "Kick-Ass, Hit Girl and Red Mist return for the follow-up to 2010's irreverent global hit: Kick-Ass 2. After Kick-Ass' (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) insane bravery inspires a new wave of self-made masked crusaders, led by the badass Colonel Stars and Stripes (Jim Carrey), our hero joins them on patrol. When these amateur superheroes are hunted down by Red Mist (Christopher Mintz-Plasse)—reborn as The Mother F%&*^r—only the blade-wielding Hit Girl (ChloĆ« Grace Moretz) can prevent their annihilation.." [you can read more about it here]
    POINT #3-  As a horror fan, I figure the last point I'll share is from a show I only recently got into: American Horror Story. [you can give me trouble now or later for taking so long to FINALLY watch season1]  If you've seen the show, you'll know that it is creepy, twisted and very fucked up. [which makes me wonder about Ryan Murphy, who created the show; considering he also created Glee?] Either way, it's fantastic. Now, one of the main characters in season1 [and even season2] is played [amazingly might I add] by Jessica Lange. Who completely changes characters from season 1 to 2. In season2 however, she plays a Nun [as seen below] and she does it so well, it's terrifying.
    Now, the point I'm getting to. Some viewers, like myself, feel that she's the driving force being American Horror Story; by this I mean, she's so good at playing her character- I can't imagine the show without her. With season2 just wrapping up [five episodes to go til the finale], fans are going nuts for another season; however Jessica Lange claims that contrary to what people are saying.. she might not be in season3. It hasn't been confirmed but it's possible..
     So there you have it; a HUGE update- both personal stuff and geek/horror news- & the best news of all.. lots of posts coming up in the new year ! [especially since I have the time.] So keep an eye out for movie reviews, rants, and just general knowledge in the world of geekery and horror. Til then, Cheers.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Expect a [little] bit of a break from me.. Also, UPDATES !

So as you've probably noticed, I haven't been posting very much as of late; and like I mentioned in my last post, I can honestly say that school is catching up with me [still is, considering I have a dozen projects due for next week, and I need to start them ASAP] But I have been writing in my notebook that I use for keeping ideas for my blog[s]. It should be all slowly coming to the blog, it's just going to take some time, since I can't do school, work, and blog at the same time. However, allow me to explain something that had been happening to me as of late to keep you occupied since you're already here. [as well as a few other updates]


The day after the last time I posted [this would make it November2nd] I realized I was having troubles with a co-worker. [I won't mention names because for all I know this individual reads my blog] At first, it wasn't so bad, until it became something that almost felt like sexual harassment; like this person would literally grab my ass at times, and think it was perfectly normal to do this.. & it wasn't only me, this was happening to a number of people ! One person in particular [who is a good friend of mine] had decided that he has had enough of this, and told me that he had a plan, after he told me I agreed and stood by him. We decided to talk to the manager of my workplace. He didn't say much but he told us that he'd look into the matter and we can expect a few changes. I know many of you probably don't care too heavily on this, but I needed to release this from my system. It was something overwhelming that just eventually felt like too much to handle.. So, off this topic, and on to more exciting things in the geek/horror worlds that you may or may not already know ! [can you say "Updates" ?!]
GEEK NEWS; Star Wars has been bought out by Disney.

What the Fett?! [yes that's right, a uber lame Star Wars sue me] That's right, LucasArts has been bought by Disney for $4.05 Billion and that's not even the best part..

They plan on making a new Star Wars movie...y'know, part fucking VII. Maybe I'm over thinking this whole thing, but what happens when there comes a strange as hell plot twist where Mickey is the actual father of Luke Skywalker ?
Or Maybe I'll pretend I didn't even imagine that as a story-line.

HORROR NEWS; The Evil Dead Remake has a trailer out, & a new poster which has a serious claim.

For starters; I feel that I should share the redband trailer for the remake; call me crazy- but it's looking pretty fucking sick.. in both a good and intense way. It's gonna be one hell of a horror flick, even if Bruce Campbell isn't Ash in it.. [Obviously, this trailer is NSFW and in no way is for the squeamish]

I'm kind of skeptical about this remake still, but it certainly caught my attention. As soon as I saw this, I was amazed at what their going for with this remake. [for fans of the original, did you notice that the tree rape scene is being included?] Now I mentioned there is a poster that has been released that has a bold claim; allow me to show you the poster [below]

evil dead poster The Evil Dead Teaser Poster Has Serious, SERIOUS Balls!!! 

I feel that it's a bold claim to say "THE MOST TERRIFYING FILM YOU WILL EVER EXPERIENCE." in the sense that it makes it seem like you will actually feel physically and emotionally scarred from this film. Is this a good thing? a bad thing? I'm gonna cut this post off here, to have you think about this [let me know in the comments?] But seriously people, what the hell is this film gonna do to the horror community? Will we be impressed? Or completely disgusted? You be the judge.

Thursday, November 1, 2012



I'm going to start with apologizing for not posting in awhile as college life seems to be catching up with me. [damn assignments/tests/ETC] However, that's not why I'm posting today. For those that are not aware, Mitch Lucker [lead vocalist of the metal band Suicide Silence] passed away earlier this morning [November 1st, 2012] in a motorcycle crash. As a HUGE fan of the metal genre, I cannot believe how heartbreaking this news is. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's currently upset by this turn of events. In fact, if you go on Twitter- [assuming you have an account] the hash-tag '#ThankYouMitchLucker' is trending currently. I'm still feeling a little bit of shock over the news as Suicide Silence was one of the first 'true' metal bands I got into. The rest of the band had this to say about the situation; 
 "There's no easy way to say this. Mitch passed away earlier this morning from injuries sustained during a motorcycle accident. This is completely devastating to all of us and we offer our deepest condolences to his family. He will be forever in our hearts. R.I.P. Mitchell Adam Lucker. We love you, brother."
The part that will continue to break my heart more & more is knowing about Kenadee Lucker- his 5 year old daughter. [she's the one in the picture with him above] Don't get me wrong, I don't have kids [yet..] but I cannot imagine the thoughts that his family is having, especially his daughter. The motorcycle accident that claimed Mitch apparently happened in Huntington Beach, California, only a few hours after he tweeted a photo of himself on his Twitter account: @MitchLuckerSS in his Halloween costume with the message, "The dead are living..."  What this means still remains a mystery to me, but what I do know is there are millions [if not billions] of fans, crying out to the sky about this. I know I'm not the only one ! I feel like I've gone to far into this, that's what I get for being a music fan; I just want to finish off with saying thanks. Thanks Mitch Adam Lucker for making the music you made [make?], and I hope where ever you are; you're still rocking harder than them all. You WILL be missed; RIP 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Photo update on the REMAKE of Evil Dead..

So as we're all aware, Evil Dead is sadly being remade. I've already talked about this before, and I don't understand why this has to happen when the original is perfect, but now a new image has surfaced. Assuming you've seen the original, I'm sure you remember the scene in the original when the first official 'deadite' is put underneath the floor boards [in the trapdoor to the basement] and is screaming constantly.. Also, assuming you haven't seen the original, first; see the damned movie [if you're into horror] it's bloody brilliant [yes,that pun was FULLY intended] and second; allow me to show you a picture [as always, it's found below] 
[And remember, this was back in 1984; talk about visual effects!]
Now, we're in 2012; and with an Evil Dead remake on the way, I would hope that this scene is going to be included. [I'm still pissed that Ash is being replaced by a girl; therefore the whole story is going to be different.. at least, it would be assumed they'd have to change it up; right?] Let me say that this scene is going to be included [fuck yes!] however this new 'deadite' looks like The freaking Grudge ! [wait..what?] You read that right, we're in an era where we have all this technology to make gore effects, and scary creatures; [unless you're The Asylum and your CGI monsters are terrible..yeah, I'm calling you out 'Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus!] and we get something worse--scary wise--than we had 30 years ago?! fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. As I cannot stress how ridiculous this is; allow me to show you the new released picture for the remake, which is supposed to be the same scene as the picture above;
[seriously?! ....seriously.]

I mean, I guess I understand the need for creepy over 'OhMyGodImNeverGoingToSleepAgain' scary, but I mean come on! The new version looks too Grudge-y for my liking, and I feel like that look is becoming as over used as paranormal films [has anyone else noticed the main horror movies lately are related to ghosts or some kind of spirit entity?] I will still see this remake as Bruce Campbell himself states that it's amazing, and that there is hints and nods at the original; [okay, and I'm kinda hoping that Bruce will do a cameo..] but I'm finding myself more and more concerned with every picture that comes out for this; next we'll see a girl with a chainsaw hand.. and then what? Then shit will hit the fan.. [assuming I'm not the only fan who will rage-quit this remake..]
 But enough about me, what do you think? Is this looking too grudge-y for you as well? Do you actually approve of this new picture and think this remake will be amazing? I'm open to opinions; I don't judge- just curious to see if others agree with this picture looking very non-Evil Dead..

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hollywood, You BLOCKHEAD !



Good Grief ! As if Hollywood hasn't run out of ideas already, 20th Century Fox Animation plans on bringing Charlie Brown and the Gang to theaters.. The following, is how it's been posted by the L.A Times [below];  
"Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus and the gang are coming to the big screen, as 20th Century Fox Animation and its Blue Sky Studios unit announced Tuesday that they have acquired the rights to Charles M. Schulz's iconic "Peanuts" comic strip.The planned movie, the product of an agreement between the studio and Schulz's heirs, is scheduled to arrive in theaters Nov. 25, 2015. Steve Martino, who directed Fox's "Ice Age: Continental Drift" and "Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who," is to direct from a screenplay by Craig Schulz, Bryan Schulz and Cornelius Uliano. Craig Schulz is the famous cartoonist's son, and Bryan Schulz his grandson."We have been working on this project for years," Craig Schulz, president of Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates, said in a statement. "We finally felt the time was right and the technology is where we need it to be to create this film."
Truthfully, I don't know what I think about this.. We know that it's going to be CGI animation [considering we haven't seen an actual 2D animated movie in forever!] & it's going to be directed by the same guy who did Horton Hears A Who and the Ice Age movies. Luckily however, the screenplay is being co-written by Charles M. Schulz's [The original Peanuts creator] heirs. Hopefully, it will be done well, as they hopefully will be able to follow through with how their past family member wanted it to be ? Either way, I'm worried as all hell for this; I'm slowly losing my faith in Hollywood- assuming I haven't already. What do you guys think? Do you think it'll be done well? are you worried about this version of Charlie Brown and the Gang? Or are you in good faith that this is going to be done well? Sound off in the comments, or let me know on the Facebook page ! CHEERS

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Underrated horror movie of the day; Puppet Master

We've all have those special movies that we consider to be guilty pleasures of ours; whether it's The Human Centipede or even something made by The Asylum; we all have those movies that we can't help but love- even if they are terrible. For me, one specific movie comes to mind, and that movie is none other than Puppet Master. 
[This is the box set of the 9 Puppet Master films I own.]
 Now this movie [or should I say, 'movies'] is all kinds of what the fuck, as each puppet has it's own special ability and way to kill people; [Forgive me ahead of time, as there is a lot of puppets- I'm just going to go through the important ones that I think are pretty badass..] There is Blade, who is pretty well the main puppet who is seen on the cover on the box set above with the knife hand and hook [here's a better picture- below]
There is another puppet who goes by Pinhead, and before you jump at the conclusion that he's a rip off of Pinhead from Hellraiser, be aware that he is pretty well the exact opposite of the Cenobite from Hellraiser. Below, you will find a picture of Pinhead from Puppet Master:

[See? Not even close to our favorite Cenobite..]
 [NOT a Puppet from the Puppet Master Series- figured that should be cleared up !]
Now, at the beginning of this post, I mentioned that this movie is all kinds of what the fuck; and I'm about to explain why. [Please be advised, from here to the end of the post- there IS spoilers] One very specific puppet; known only as Leech Woman has a particular ability. I'm not 100 percent on how to explain it, so I figure I ought to just show you a picture [YouTube is being lame and won't let me post a video..] ;
[Considering this seems kind of weird, disgusting, and maybe a little erotic- I figure maybe I should explain the scene; below]
If you couldn't already tell, Leech Woman is a very special kind of puppet; she's dressed provocatively, she actually moans [sexually] during her entire kill scene and she spews all sorts of nasty leeches.The what-the-fuckery part of all this, is she enters the room and does this to a guy who was tied up, blindfolded and trying out new fetish/fantasies with his lover; and apparently couldn't tell the difference between his lover and a goddamn puppet?! [that is until he catches a glimpse of the leeches] Now, as a quick note before finishing this off; I would encourage every horror fan to see this [even if it's just to say that you've seen it], and note that if you end up enjoying them, like me, there is actually 9 films, and that's not including spin offs such as Puppet Master X, and Puppet Master vs Demonic Toys [FACT: Puppet Master vs Demonic Toys actually has Corey Feldman as the great grandson of the ORIGINAL Puppet Master who created the killer puppets] So there you have it, the long awaited Puppet Master post; if you have any specific guilty pleasure movies you'd like to share; feel free to mention them in a comment. If it stands out, maybe I'll watch it, and I'll post about it next ! Until then though, if you ever have a request for a review, or just got an opinion; shout it out ! I'll be sure to read it. CHEERS !

Friday, September 7, 2012

Week1 of Year2; COMPLETE:

As most of you know, I am in school for Community Studies, [which will then lead into going for Social Work; in case you weren't aware.] and as of today, I'm done the first week of 2nd year !
[and it wasn't even that bad!]———————————————————————————–
Seriously, it was actually kind of fun; as long as I keep on my work this term, I should be good. Now on to more pressing matters; [I've always wanted to say that!] now that school has actually begun for the year, [This is also why I haven't been on much until now- more on that later] I can expect to be on the computer more, but for things like homework, and research papers. So if you do find me posting things here that don't involve school work; then either I didn't have any homework to worry about, or I just feel like putting it off for another day ! Now as mentioned before, I haven't posted anything original since August 23rd because it's often around that time of year that I have a lot to manage with; from Isabella's [My sister] 16th birthday this year on the 29th, work, getting ready for year 2 of college and my annual Tim Burton movie marathon- where I watch a shit ton of Tim Burton films due to being a big fan of his work [I do it every year on Aug25th- Tim's birthday]; I think it's fair to say I've been pretty fucking occupied this past few weeks. Now I'm lucky to type this up now considering my school schedule [I also get Wednesdays off this semester which is pretty awesome] has me up around 8am most mornings now, but usually only until 10am which works for me. However, with school being the main priority right now, It makes things difficult when it comes to doing movie reviews, and writing up rants on here.. So what I was thinking was I would write rough copies in a note book at school, and then go more into detail, and add photos when I get home and post them when I can? That seems about fair, doesn't it?
As mentioned above, it's going to be difficult to just jump on the computer and suddenly have a wondrous idea for a rant, or a movie review- trust me, it's not so easy.. So starting today, [I have class at 2-4, followed by work at 5-11] I'm going to start writing down ideas for rants, movie reviews, and other such things that will soon be found here- This way, I'm not scrambling for ideas to write about and suddenly a month or two goes flying by and it ends up looking like I'm not posting again.. which isn't a nice feeling. As always though, you can find the 'like' page for this blog on Facebook [found here; feel free to tell your friends] and/or even follow me on Twitter to find out updates on what I am up to [Twitter profile found here] and whenever I write a post on Firework Eyes-Haunted Hearts; the link to the new post will always be found on both Facebook & Twitter. But until then, this has been a warning post- to give you a heads up as to why I may not post as quickly as I would like to. If I was still in high school, I'd say to blame it for me not being here as much- [I never liked high school- except for the friends I made] but being a college student now, I feel that school comes first; movie reviews later- Even though we all love movie reviews, and rants. Until then though, enjoy a GIF from Donnie Darko, just cause it's probably one of the most fucked up, yet one of the most beautiful movies I've seen in a long time ! [perhaps a movie review is in order ?]

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Remake I'm Excited For?

So I know we're not overly fond of remakes, but it seems that although we've known for some time now that there is to be a remake of Stephen King's classic ; Carrie- The first pictures are FINALLY surfacing online. After surfing on horrorbid for a bit this morning, after finishing my ParaNorman review [you can read the review here], I noticed the news. So here I am to share it with you all! Whether you're aware or not, it's Chloe Grace Moretz who will be playing the famous telekinetic Carrie White; & although it's a remake- it's already looking really good. So without further delay, allow me to show you the pictures.

So here's the ORIGINAL Carrie White from the 1976 film.
[as played by Sissy Spacek]
Now that was 36 years ago and although some movies shouldn't be touched, and not be remade [I feel like I should be pointing a finger toward A Nightmare On Elm Street...] I think as good as Carrie was, it needs a good old touch up.. The film aged alright, but with Hollywood not having any imagination, why the fuck not? Now, below; here's the new picture of Chloe Grace Moretz playing Carrie White in the remake which is currently being made:

[in all it's bloody glory too!]———————————————————————————–
But let's not focus completely on Carrie.. I mean, can we really forget Carrie's mother? You know, the crazy bitch who kept assuming that Carrie was the was possessed, and evil? Well, as with all remakes- it won't be the same actress [Piper Laurie] playing Carrie's mother but rather Julianne Moore this time around.. Let me show you a comparison between the two :
[Here we have Piper Laurie as Carrie's Mother in the 1976 classic]
[& here is Julianne Moore as Carrie's mother in the remake-]
Based on these pictures, I dare you to say you're not excited ! [and for a remake..what are the odds?] But seriously, to leave this on a high note: I'm going to leave you with the first poster released for the remake, and the trailer for the original Carrie.
[This is the teaser poster for the remake-]

[& here is the original Carrie trailer from 1976!]

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Movie Review: ParaNorman [2012]

So if you have me on Facebook or Twitter [or for some of you; both], you'd be already aware that this review was inevitable.. So here I am, sharing my thoughts on something I'd call one of my new favorite stop motion animation movies: ParaNorman.
According to IMDb, The movie ParaNorman is [in short] about 'A misunderstood boy who can speak with the dead, takes on ghosts, zombies and grown-ups to save his town from a centuries-old curse.' Now as with all reviews [or atleast, MY reviews], there is to be spoilers coming up; so if you haven't seen the movie yet [it is fairly new] do not read further, unless of course, you're okay with spoilers..
The movie begins with a zombie eating a woman, and you can clearly tell that this is a scene from a movie within the movie [inception much?] and we learn of Norman watching an old horror movie with his grandmother, who turns out to be deceased. [below- his grandmother talking]
Through out the movie, we learn that Norman can actually speak to ghosts and for the first 80 percent of the movie, everyone finds that he's looking for attention, and that he's different. [There are even scenes where people have written 'FREAK' on his locker] Now there is one kid- Neil, who actually becomes his friend [Left to Right: Neil, Norman]
I found through out the movie, he was probably one of the best characters. I find that he has a positive outlook on life, and actually helps Norman out. [Neil was bullied as well, but told Norman that you can't stop that kind of thing..] I found through out the movie, there was a lot of fun characters [including a gay one, which we don't learn of his sexuality until the end] and the animation was superb. One character in particular stuck out; Courtney. Courtney is Norman's sister, and she is the stereotypical blonde we hear/read jokes about. Let me make it easier for you;

Now throughout the movie, every time I heard Courtney speak, she sounded familiar; like I knew the voice actress.. It wasn't til the end credits, that I figured it out.. It was none other than Anna Kendrick.. y'know: She was in Scott Pilgrim VS The World- as Scott's sister ! Here, let me show you a picture.
[Not even close to being a stereotypical blonde, and obviously a lot more attractive than her character counter-part..]
When it comes to some of the things I liked about ParaNorman, there was a lot I could mention. For starters, I like the fact that it was animated [I can't imagine that movie being live action..] and that there were references to horror movies.

I mean look at all those posters ! [some of them, if you look carefully enough, were drawn by Norman] But I think one of the best parts about this film is how it's supposed to be a children's movie, yet there is so many references to adult themes, such as [as mentioned before] a gay character, violence, a lot of bullying, etc. The one thing that stood out is that there is a feeling of Chicken Little in the sense that every time Norman speaks to a ghost, everyone looks at him like he's nuts. [Okay, bad example] Yet, when the world actually starts to tear apart, and he learns of the zombies coming; he starts yelling that 'The dead are coming!' and everyone looks at him weird again, his Dad actually gives him trouble on the way home from school telling him he's well ashamed of his son- [the whole car driving discussion happened in Chicken Little too..], but apart from those two little things I found irritating, I actually highly recommend this movie to everyone who enjoys the occasional zombie flick- cause this one was done well, on that note; I leave you with a few pictures from the movie. . CHEERS



Thursday, August 9, 2012

Well..this feels awkward;

Does anyone remember the SAW films? Let me try to refresh your memory:


[fun fact; this GIF is from SAW4]

Of course you remember them ! -SAW is that series of movies that actually were in the Guinness World Book of Records for being the most successful horror movie series of all time, making over $73O million worldwide.. Now on to what I was getting to- it seems that Lionsgate plans [it's only an idea- nothing too official just yet] on rebooting the SAW movies; even with part7 being dubbed 'The Final Chapter'. Whether or not it's an actual reboot or just another sequel, is yet to be known.. as Lionsgate's official website actually says that a part8 is also very possible. So either way, horror fans can expect a new SAW movie sometime in the near future; As for me- I hope they don't touch the SAW movies, and keep them where they ended with SAW7. Although I'm a HUGE fan of the series [I own all 7 movies, plus the 2 Xbox360 games], I feel that they finished well enough with SAW7.. [even if we did have to learn some things through the commentary] I feel that the series as a whole was executed in such a way, that it wouldn't have to be redone.. In truth, I'm actually not entirely sure if I'm up for this reboot/remake/sequel whatever the hell you want me to call it. It just feels way too early to be doing such a thing. I'm getting tired of Hollywood remaking/rebooting movies that I actually grow fond of. [I'm sure I'm not the only one..] At this rate though, being at 'an infant stage', anything could happen for this series; reboot or new sequel [part8, anyone?].. What do you think? Are you up for yet another SAW movie; even if it is a reboot?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

So I'm sure you're already aware-

Although everyone everywhere is talking about it, I decided I should do a post on it as well. A couple days ago [I'm pretty sure it was last week..] there was a shooting at the Premiere of The Dark Knight Rises, where over 50 people were injured and 12 were killed. The suspected shooter was a guy named James Holmes [as seen below]
and he remains behind bars for the time being as he is only suspected. This kind of ordeal pisses me off. People go to see a movie, let alone a premiere; and some asshole decides to open fire on everyone. [can you believe that one of the people who were killed was a baby?!] It makes people feel unsafe, and really fucking pissed off. I know this feeling quite well because I work at a theater.. So it comes to no surprise that when I answer the phone [this actually happened yesterday], people are asking if we have security or if this has happened at our theater.. Fuck, I just don’t even understand- to make matters even worse, it seems that movie companies are just as worried about this as the viewers. For example, have you heard about an upcoming movie called ‘Gangster Squad’ ?
[yeah, this one- the one with Emma Stone. Probably the only reason I'll see it!]
[Come on, I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking she looks amazing...]
Well, Warner Brothers is debating [nothing is 100% yet] on editing the film; out of fear of the same thing happening.. I understand the reasoning, but I hope to hell and back they don’t edit it- primarily because if they do, it won’t be the first. By this, I simply mean, that more and more movies will be edited until we’re all watching children’s movies [and as a horror fan, that just won't do] !
[even though I despise the idea of this being remade, can you imagine it being edited to the point of being a child's movie? No, I don't want to imagine that either..]
Now, let’s rewind for a second- I had mentioned that over 50 people were injured [wounded, not fatally] so obviously, they’d be in the hospital right? Well, something amazing happened- this past weekend, a friend of mine sent me a thing on Facebook saying we should petition for Christian Bale [y'know, the guy who plays Batman in The Dark Knight Trilogy] to go to the hospital and actually go visit the survivors. Well, after checking Facebook this morning, I can confirm he actually went through with it!
Posted on Twitter, pictures of Christian Bale visiting survivors of the Dark Knight Rises cinema massacre in Colorado
This photo which was posted by Carey Rottman [above sitting with the huge arm tattoo] to Twitter. Carey was one of the 50 injured in the infamous shooting, and had posted two photos of himself with Bale on his Facebook page. This actually makes me happy, knowing that a guy like Christian Bale is willing to go to this level of humanity. I’d like to thank Bale for making an appearance- as it probably made this guy’s day! [let alone life, how many people can say they got a picture with Batman?] Anyways, I thought I’d fill you in on my thoughts, and if you have anything else on it- perhaps you can fill me in? I’m sure I’m not the only one who isn’t at all happy with Mr. James Holmes. Lastly, I’m curious- is there any movie you don’t want to see being remade/edited? Lemme know in a comment or two! Cheers.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Insert crazy over dramatic title here!

So now I haven't posted here in almost a month?! That's terrifying! Sorry guys, it seems work really has taken over my life [this past weekend, and again this weekend; I have to work til 12am.. due to Batman:The Dark Knight Rises..] It's crazy.. I create a blog to write as much as I can- but I never seem to have the time; yet when I read other blogs, other bloggers have full time jobs, and children [Some should know I'm talking to them] and they find the time to write insane amounts of posts, while I look lazy. I feel like terrible knowing I haven't been on here enough lately, but I PROMISE I will be. Anyways, on to today's topic- Childhood Dreams and Escaping Reality.

We all have/had them. Dreams of conquering the world, or saving it- depending on the lifestyle you grew up around. This was probably due to trying to escape your reality. Let me explain- You know when you're like ten years old, and you tell yourself that when you're old enough- you're gonna don your cape, fly, save the world by kicking some ass? [okay, maybe not worded exactly like that.] Sometimes, it's important to still feel that way, because let's face it. By the time you are about 16 and onward, you are usually [not always] out of that thought process, and you're flipping burgers at some local joint down the street, hoping that you'll make something out of yourself one day. This is one of the concepts I feel is most true. As humans, I believe that we need to hold on to our childhood dreams, and find a way to escape harsh realities because if we don't; we're going to find ourselves boring- for lack of a better word. I don't understand why we have the rush to grow up. I mean, when we're younger- we can't wait to grow older; to be an adult; yet, as soon as we are adults- we aren't happy.. At least, not as happy as we had originally hoped. Suddenly, we have to pay bills and we have to go to work. We go from wanting to save the world, to wanting to save ourselves. Worst part is that sometimes, we aren't even good enough for that.

This is where the 'Escaping Reality' part comes in. I also find the belief of finding a way to escape reality, is one of the smartest things we can do.. it doesn't even have to be anything extremely difficult either.

[I love the fact that I was just thinking of using a screenshot from this movie, and I found one!]
Take myself for example- when I feel upset, 'out of it', or just want to run away from everything- I'll resort to my most prized possession; my DVD collection. I have over 140 DVDs, and for as long as I can remember, whenever I needed my escape, I'd put a DVD into the player- and just watch in awe. [I think this may add to the reasons I love Tim Burton so much..?] Even now, I do the same. I feel that it brings me to a new world, to avoid my own.. But enough about me; what are some of your childhood dreams? & what do you do to escape your very own reality? Let me know in the comments, or on the Facebook page [found here]. So as mentioned above- I realized how much I actually missed blogging, and I feel extremely terrible knowing it has almost been a month. I promise [pinkies crossed and all] that I'll be here more often, and not just once every month- cause that's just terrible. Until my next post [which better be soon], Cheers