Thursday, December 20, 2012

So apparently the world is ending tomorrow.. but I'm not here to worry about that.

well the time has finally come upon us.. "The End Of The World" is tomorrow. [or at least it is for me, being in Canada- I guess it kind of depends on where you live..] However, not everyone thinks that the world is coming to an immediate halt just yet; me included. I don't know if I am willing to accept the idea of the world ending after we had been told it was already suppose to about 5 to 10 times already.. and yet NOTHING. Besides, the world can't end tomorrow- I get paid tomorrow! [hey, I thought it was funny..] Seriously though, I have to work for all week Christmas as it is, and even New Years ! So I'd like to be safe knowing I'm going to have atleast today and tomorrow off.. Every where you look there is talks of the end of the world- and even if you search the date "12-21-2012", one of Google's "did you mean"s is "End Of The World". Everywhere I turn, there is something else about the world ending, and I'm sure I'm not the only one getting tired of it. The idea that everything is going to end again.. is getting kind of bland.

Let's change the topic, because the idea of the world ending is going to get kind of fucking annoying. [cue the Facebook posts] As mentioned above, I'm working most of the remainder of December. [all Christmas week is gonna be dull at a theater, but who really knows?] & I'd love to take the time to blog a whole bunch like I said I wanted to [thankfully school is coming? ..never thought I'd say those words together] but for now, I only have today and tomorrow off then it's off to crazy work times. For this post however, it's going to be in the new format that was used in the post beneath this one..[and they all will be from now on.. at least most] 
POINT #1- Rob Zombie's Lords Of Salem finally has a release date: with the trailer already out [it can be found here] , the movie will be premiering in theaters April 26th,I can safely say I'm stoked for this to be released. As a huge fan of The Devil's Rejects & House Of 1000 Corpses, I'm glad to know we're finally getting a new Rob Zombie flick- especially since he's demanding an R rating on it.

POINT #2- Pacific Rim looks fucking bad ass: I'm gonna go ahead and assume all of you hardcore movie fans have already seen the trailer for this [if not you can watch it here] and it's looking pretty extreme. Now although many people are saying that it's looking like something out of a robot anime show; I think it seems like a decent idea for a movie like this to come out- at leastit isn't another possession movie [cough* Paranormal Activity 5]
 POINT #3- Wolverine will be returning in X-Men: Days Of Future's Past: Straight from Bryan Singer's Twitter account [Singer is going to be the director of the movie], he welcomes Hugh Jackman himself as Wolverine, just the way we like it, I just hope he's not just a cameo like he was in X-Men:First Class, although I will admit, that was the best surprise cameo ever..

So there you go, a few more points in the world of geek/horror, and some general updates on the author; me. What do you guys think? is the world truly going to end tomorrow? Am I gonna survive at work through Christmas- or is it going to be really slow because no one wants to see a movie? until my next post. Cheers.

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