Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Remake I'm Excited For?

So I know we're not overly fond of remakes, but it seems that although we've known for some time now that there is to be a remake of Stephen King's classic ; Carrie- The first pictures are FINALLY surfacing online. After surfing on horrorbid for a bit this morning, after finishing my ParaNorman review [you can read the review here], I noticed the news. So here I am to share it with you all! Whether you're aware or not, it's Chloe Grace Moretz who will be playing the famous telekinetic Carrie White; & although it's a remake- it's already looking really good. So without further delay, allow me to show you the pictures.

So here's the ORIGINAL Carrie White from the 1976 film.
[as played by Sissy Spacek]
Now that was 36 years ago and although some movies shouldn't be touched, and not be remade [I feel like I should be pointing a finger toward A Nightmare On Elm Street...] I think as good as Carrie was, it needs a good old touch up.. The film aged alright, but with Hollywood not having any imagination, why the fuck not? Now, below; here's the new picture of Chloe Grace Moretz playing Carrie White in the remake which is currently being made:

[in all it's bloody glory too!]———————————————————————————–
But let's not focus completely on Carrie.. I mean, can we really forget Carrie's mother? You know, the crazy bitch who kept assuming that Carrie was the was possessed, and evil? Well, as with all remakes- it won't be the same actress [Piper Laurie] playing Carrie's mother but rather Julianne Moore this time around.. Let me show you a comparison between the two :
[Here we have Piper Laurie as Carrie's Mother in the 1976 classic]
[& here is Julianne Moore as Carrie's mother in the remake-]
Based on these pictures, I dare you to say you're not excited ! [and for a remake..what are the odds?] But seriously, to leave this on a high note: I'm going to leave you with the first poster released for the remake, and the trailer for the original Carrie.
[This is the teaser poster for the remake-]

[& here is the original Carrie trailer from 1976!]

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Movie Review: ParaNorman [2012]

So if you have me on Facebook or Twitter [or for some of you; both], you'd be already aware that this review was inevitable.. So here I am, sharing my thoughts on something I'd call one of my new favorite stop motion animation movies: ParaNorman.
According to IMDb, The movie ParaNorman is [in short] about 'A misunderstood boy who can speak with the dead, takes on ghosts, zombies and grown-ups to save his town from a centuries-old curse.' Now as with all reviews [or atleast, MY reviews], there is to be spoilers coming up; so if you haven't seen the movie yet [it is fairly new] do not read further, unless of course, you're okay with spoilers..
The movie begins with a zombie eating a woman, and you can clearly tell that this is a scene from a movie within the movie [inception much?] and we learn of Norman watching an old horror movie with his grandmother, who turns out to be deceased. [below- his grandmother talking]
Through out the movie, we learn that Norman can actually speak to ghosts and for the first 80 percent of the movie, everyone finds that he's looking for attention, and that he's different. [There are even scenes where people have written 'FREAK' on his locker] Now there is one kid- Neil, who actually becomes his friend [Left to Right: Neil, Norman]
I found through out the movie, he was probably one of the best characters. I find that he has a positive outlook on life, and actually helps Norman out. [Neil was bullied as well, but told Norman that you can't stop that kind of thing..] I found through out the movie, there was a lot of fun characters [including a gay one, which we don't learn of his sexuality until the end] and the animation was superb. One character in particular stuck out; Courtney. Courtney is Norman's sister, and she is the stereotypical blonde we hear/read jokes about. Let me make it easier for you;

Now throughout the movie, every time I heard Courtney speak, she sounded familiar; like I knew the voice actress.. It wasn't til the end credits, that I figured it out.. It was none other than Anna Kendrick.. y'know: She was in Scott Pilgrim VS The World- as Scott's sister ! Here, let me show you a picture.
[Not even close to being a stereotypical blonde, and obviously a lot more attractive than her character counter-part..]
When it comes to some of the things I liked about ParaNorman, there was a lot I could mention. For starters, I like the fact that it was animated [I can't imagine that movie being live action..] and that there were references to horror movies.

I mean look at all those posters ! [some of them, if you look carefully enough, were drawn by Norman] But I think one of the best parts about this film is how it's supposed to be a children's movie, yet there is so many references to adult themes, such as [as mentioned before] a gay character, violence, a lot of bullying, etc. The one thing that stood out is that there is a feeling of Chicken Little in the sense that every time Norman speaks to a ghost, everyone looks at him like he's nuts. [Okay, bad example] Yet, when the world actually starts to tear apart, and he learns of the zombies coming; he starts yelling that 'The dead are coming!' and everyone looks at him weird again, his Dad actually gives him trouble on the way home from school telling him he's well ashamed of his son- [the whole car driving discussion happened in Chicken Little too..], but apart from those two little things I found irritating, I actually highly recommend this movie to everyone who enjoys the occasional zombie flick- cause this one was done well, on that note; I leave you with a few pictures from the movie. . CHEERS



Thursday, August 9, 2012

Well..this feels awkward;

Does anyone remember the SAW films? Let me try to refresh your memory:


[fun fact; this GIF is from SAW4]

Of course you remember them ! -SAW is that series of movies that actually were in the Guinness World Book of Records for being the most successful horror movie series of all time, making over $73O million worldwide.. Now on to what I was getting to- it seems that Lionsgate plans [it's only an idea- nothing too official just yet] on rebooting the SAW movies; even with part7 being dubbed 'The Final Chapter'. Whether or not it's an actual reboot or just another sequel, is yet to be known.. as Lionsgate's official website actually says that a part8 is also very possible. So either way, horror fans can expect a new SAW movie sometime in the near future; As for me- I hope they don't touch the SAW movies, and keep them where they ended with SAW7. Although I'm a HUGE fan of the series [I own all 7 movies, plus the 2 Xbox360 games], I feel that they finished well enough with SAW7.. [even if we did have to learn some things through the commentary] I feel that the series as a whole was executed in such a way, that it wouldn't have to be redone.. In truth, I'm actually not entirely sure if I'm up for this reboot/remake/sequel whatever the hell you want me to call it. It just feels way too early to be doing such a thing. I'm getting tired of Hollywood remaking/rebooting movies that I actually grow fond of. [I'm sure I'm not the only one..] At this rate though, being at 'an infant stage', anything could happen for this series; reboot or new sequel [part8, anyone?].. What do you think? Are you up for yet another SAW movie; even if it is a reboot?