Thursday, August 9, 2012

Well..this feels awkward;

Does anyone remember the SAW films? Let me try to refresh your memory:


[fun fact; this GIF is from SAW4]

Of course you remember them ! -SAW is that series of movies that actually were in the Guinness World Book of Records for being the most successful horror movie series of all time, making over $73O million worldwide.. Now on to what I was getting to- it seems that Lionsgate plans [it's only an idea- nothing too official just yet] on rebooting the SAW movies; even with part7 being dubbed 'The Final Chapter'. Whether or not it's an actual reboot or just another sequel, is yet to be known.. as Lionsgate's official website actually says that a part8 is also very possible. So either way, horror fans can expect a new SAW movie sometime in the near future; As for me- I hope they don't touch the SAW movies, and keep them where they ended with SAW7. Although I'm a HUGE fan of the series [I own all 7 movies, plus the 2 Xbox360 games], I feel that they finished well enough with SAW7.. [even if we did have to learn some things through the commentary] I feel that the series as a whole was executed in such a way, that it wouldn't have to be redone.. In truth, I'm actually not entirely sure if I'm up for this reboot/remake/sequel whatever the hell you want me to call it. It just feels way too early to be doing such a thing. I'm getting tired of Hollywood remaking/rebooting movies that I actually grow fond of. [I'm sure I'm not the only one..] At this rate though, being at 'an infant stage', anything could happen for this series; reboot or new sequel [part8, anyone?].. What do you think? Are you up for yet another SAW movie; even if it is a reboot?

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