Wednesday, July 25, 2012

So I'm sure you're already aware-

Although everyone everywhere is talking about it, I decided I should do a post on it as well. A couple days ago [I'm pretty sure it was last week..] there was a shooting at the Premiere of The Dark Knight Rises, where over 50 people were injured and 12 were killed. The suspected shooter was a guy named James Holmes [as seen below]
and he remains behind bars for the time being as he is only suspected. This kind of ordeal pisses me off. People go to see a movie, let alone a premiere; and some asshole decides to open fire on everyone. [can you believe that one of the people who were killed was a baby?!] It makes people feel unsafe, and really fucking pissed off. I know this feeling quite well because I work at a theater.. So it comes to no surprise that when I answer the phone [this actually happened yesterday], people are asking if we have security or if this has happened at our theater.. Fuck, I just don’t even understand- to make matters even worse, it seems that movie companies are just as worried about this as the viewers. For example, have you heard about an upcoming movie called ‘Gangster Squad’ ?
[yeah, this one- the one with Emma Stone. Probably the only reason I'll see it!]
[Come on, I'm sure I'm not the only one thinking she looks amazing...]
Well, Warner Brothers is debating [nothing is 100% yet] on editing the film; out of fear of the same thing happening.. I understand the reasoning, but I hope to hell and back they don’t edit it- primarily because if they do, it won’t be the first. By this, I simply mean, that more and more movies will be edited until we’re all watching children’s movies [and as a horror fan, that just won't do] !
[even though I despise the idea of this being remade, can you imagine it being edited to the point of being a child's movie? No, I don't want to imagine that either..]
Now, let’s rewind for a second- I had mentioned that over 50 people were injured [wounded, not fatally] so obviously, they’d be in the hospital right? Well, something amazing happened- this past weekend, a friend of mine sent me a thing on Facebook saying we should petition for Christian Bale [y'know, the guy who plays Batman in The Dark Knight Trilogy] to go to the hospital and actually go visit the survivors. Well, after checking Facebook this morning, I can confirm he actually went through with it!
Posted on Twitter, pictures of Christian Bale visiting survivors of the Dark Knight Rises cinema massacre in Colorado
This photo which was posted by Carey Rottman [above sitting with the huge arm tattoo] to Twitter. Carey was one of the 50 injured in the infamous shooting, and had posted two photos of himself with Bale on his Facebook page. This actually makes me happy, knowing that a guy like Christian Bale is willing to go to this level of humanity. I’d like to thank Bale for making an appearance- as it probably made this guy’s day! [let alone life, how many people can say they got a picture with Batman?] Anyways, I thought I’d fill you in on my thoughts, and if you have anything else on it- perhaps you can fill me in? I’m sure I’m not the only one who isn’t at all happy with Mr. James Holmes. Lastly, I’m curious- is there any movie you don’t want to see being remade/edited? Lemme know in a comment or two! Cheers.

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