Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Expect a [little] bit of a break from me.. Also, UPDATES !

So as you've probably noticed, I haven't been posting very much as of late; and like I mentioned in my last post, I can honestly say that school is catching up with me [still is, considering I have a dozen projects due for next week, and I need to start them ASAP] But I have been writing in my notebook that I use for keeping ideas for my blog[s]. It should be all slowly coming to the blog, it's just going to take some time, since I can't do school, work, and blog at the same time. However, allow me to explain something that had been happening to me as of late to keep you occupied since you're already here. [as well as a few other updates]


The day after the last time I posted [this would make it November2nd] I realized I was having troubles with a co-worker. [I won't mention names because for all I know this individual reads my blog] At first, it wasn't so bad, until it became something that almost felt like sexual harassment; like this person would literally grab my ass at times, and think it was perfectly normal to do this.. & it wasn't only me, this was happening to a number of people ! One person in particular [who is a good friend of mine] had decided that he has had enough of this, and told me that he had a plan, after he told me I agreed and stood by him. We decided to talk to the manager of my workplace. He didn't say much but he told us that he'd look into the matter and we can expect a few changes. I know many of you probably don't care too heavily on this, but I needed to release this from my system. It was something overwhelming that just eventually felt like too much to handle.. So, off this topic, and on to more exciting things in the geek/horror worlds that you may or may not already know ! [can you say "Updates" ?!]
GEEK NEWS; Star Wars has been bought out by Disney.

What the Fett?! [yes that's right, a uber lame Star Wars sue me] That's right, LucasArts has been bought by Disney for $4.05 Billion and that's not even the best part..

They plan on making a new Star Wars movie...y'know, part fucking VII. Maybe I'm over thinking this whole thing, but what happens when there comes a strange as hell plot twist where Mickey is the actual father of Luke Skywalker ?
Or Maybe I'll pretend I didn't even imagine that as a story-line.

HORROR NEWS; The Evil Dead Remake has a trailer out, & a new poster which has a serious claim.

For starters; I feel that I should share the redband trailer for the remake; call me crazy- but it's looking pretty fucking sick.. in both a good and intense way. It's gonna be one hell of a horror flick, even if Bruce Campbell isn't Ash in it.. [Obviously, this trailer is NSFW and in no way is for the squeamish]

I'm kind of skeptical about this remake still, but it certainly caught my attention. As soon as I saw this, I was amazed at what their going for with this remake. [for fans of the original, did you notice that the tree rape scene is being included?] Now I mentioned there is a poster that has been released that has a bold claim; allow me to show you the poster [below]

evil dead poster The Evil Dead Teaser Poster Has Serious, SERIOUS Balls!!! 

I feel that it's a bold claim to say "THE MOST TERRIFYING FILM YOU WILL EVER EXPERIENCE." in the sense that it makes it seem like you will actually feel physically and emotionally scarred from this film. Is this a good thing? a bad thing? I'm gonna cut this post off here, to have you think about this [let me know in the comments?] But seriously people, what the hell is this film gonna do to the horror community? Will we be impressed? Or completely disgusted? You be the judge.

Thursday, November 1, 2012



I'm going to start with apologizing for not posting in awhile as college life seems to be catching up with me. [damn assignments/tests/ETC] However, that's not why I'm posting today. For those that are not aware, Mitch Lucker [lead vocalist of the metal band Suicide Silence] passed away earlier this morning [November 1st, 2012] in a motorcycle crash. As a HUGE fan of the metal genre, I cannot believe how heartbreaking this news is. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's currently upset by this turn of events. In fact, if you go on Twitter- [assuming you have an account] the hash-tag '#ThankYouMitchLucker' is trending currently. I'm still feeling a little bit of shock over the news as Suicide Silence was one of the first 'true' metal bands I got into. The rest of the band had this to say about the situation; 
 "There's no easy way to say this. Mitch passed away earlier this morning from injuries sustained during a motorcycle accident. This is completely devastating to all of us and we offer our deepest condolences to his family. He will be forever in our hearts. R.I.P. Mitchell Adam Lucker. We love you, brother."
The part that will continue to break my heart more & more is knowing about Kenadee Lucker- his 5 year old daughter. [she's the one in the picture with him above] Don't get me wrong, I don't have kids [yet..] but I cannot imagine the thoughts that his family is having, especially his daughter. The motorcycle accident that claimed Mitch apparently happened in Huntington Beach, California, only a few hours after he tweeted a photo of himself on his Twitter account: @MitchLuckerSS in his Halloween costume with the message, "The dead are living..."  What this means still remains a mystery to me, but what I do know is there are millions [if not billions] of fans, crying out to the sky about this. I know I'm not the only one ! I feel like I've gone to far into this, that's what I get for being a music fan; I just want to finish off with saying thanks. Thanks Mitch Adam Lucker for making the music you made [make?], and I hope where ever you are; you're still rocking harder than them all. You WILL be missed; RIP