Sunday, March 31, 2013

Movie Review; Sinister [2012]

I've seen a few new-ish horror films lately ['Paranormal Activity 3' & 'The Woman In Black' were the more recent ones] and found myself a little concerned for the world of horror [I did enjoy 'The Woman In Black' though].. However, when I got Sinister for my birthday, and saw that it was from the producers of PA; naturally I groaned a little.. However, earlier this week, Steph and I decided that we may as well watch the film- considering its a horror, and I did intend on seeing it. [Be warned before you go ahead and read any further; there IS going to be spoilers]


AND holy fuck is it one hell of a film! The atmosphere, the camera work, the story.. Even the slight twist by the end was unexpected.The one thing that I felt was kind of intense was [Spoiler Alert-] the fact it wasn't just Mr.Boogie that was killing people- it was the damn kids! The fact that it was these kids killing not only their siblings, but even going so far as killing their parents is just fucking warped! [don't get me wrong, it is a new and refreshing take on horror, which impressed me most] The other thing that was nicely done was the acting: it didn't feel overplayed, and it was believable- which I'm starting to feel is rare in most films now-a-days. I really recommend this film to horror fans who haven't seen it yet, cause it was fucking amazing. Thanks Sinister, for both a refreshingly new horror, and for making my hand purple [Steph was clenching my hand for a good while during most scenes]

[Quite literally, this is the first scene in the film- except in color..]

[& here is the very last scene- just before the credits..]


If you saw the film, what did you think? Did you appreciate everything I did? Or was it the complete other way around- where you actually didn't like it? Sound off in the comments below, on the Facebook page, or anywhere found below.

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Delayed Post; 21st Birthday . [March23rd]

As you may or may not have known, my 21st birthday recently past, and in the post before this one, I said I'd keep you guys updated on how it went- However, the birthday was exactly a week ago, and I had not posted anything yet [curse you final projects]. So, I'm going to quite literally tell you all about what happened.. and with pictures!


Are you a fan of Adventure Time? I sure as hell am, and Steph knows it! [she's a fan too, so obviously we have ourselves one hell of an awesome relationship!]

If you've seen the episode where Jake makes Bacon Pancakes, then you might know where I'm headed with this.. meaning, yes; believe it or not, Stephanie actually went ahead & tried to make me bacon pancakes! [as seen below]

Okay, so they don't exactly look like the cartoon- but they were still fucking delicious.

From there, we took the main part of the day which involved going Glow-In-The-Dark Mini Putting! I had been to this place a long time ago [at least, if memory serves correctly], but it didn't stop us from having fun!

[writer's note; forgive my terrible Blackberry camera- I realize it isn't great quality]

We didn't play for points, or even that seriously for that matter.. [in fact, at one point we actually threw the golf balls, trying to get them in-which obviously didn't go as well as it sounds.] 

I also got this great picture of Steph- which I actually am quite proud of.  One thing, I should mention is we paid for unlimited rounds of golf, yet only played one- this is due to the fact that we spent easily 3 hours in the arcade. Therefore, we got a lot of tickets, which are able to be traded for small prizes. [as seen below]

[and just think- thats all the tickets we collected from the games- all 1125 of them.

After the endless gaming, we went to 'Bai-du', which is an all you can eat Sushi place here in Ottawa, and it was most tasty! We then proceeded to head home [we left early that morning, around 11am, and got home at around 6:30-7:00] Which is were we had cake, and I opened gifts-

When I went to open the gifts, I realized I didn't have one from Steph, it turned out the reason why was because she ordered my gift online- and it just didn't arrive yet. If you can imagine a new iPod Touch in there, those were the gifts I opened the day of my birthday [As a horror geek, I figured they were perfect!] The only one of the 4 films I had not seen yet was 'Sinister' [although, Steph &I finally watched it yesterday- going to do a review on it tomorrow night- stay posted!]

Now as I said, I had to wait for Stephanie's gift, and it finally came in, I figured a picture would be better at explaining it, so take a look below!

For those who are "Evil Dead" [or in this case, technically it's "Army Of Darkness"] fans, you'll recognize the quote on the shirt- That's right! She got me a "Shop SMART, Shop, S-MART" shirt! To make an awesome gift, more awesome- she also got me a SRIRACHA cookbook- cause she knows it's one of my personal favorite hotsauces! well worth the wait.

So there it is, what I did on my birthday, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing about it. Lastly, I would just like to thank everyone who was involved with the day [even if you only sent me a "happy birthday" through text or Facebook]. It means a lot to be able to call you guys friends/family. I appreciate each and every one of you- even if I don't say it out loud enough. I love you guys..

[remember the 'prizes' I told you we could trade the tickets in for, at the arcade? well- one thing I got were these fucking awesome glasses.. just cause I could- cause I'm a 'mature adult' now.]

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Life is changing- a personal post.

If you couldn't tell by the title, I'm feeling a little off-base, due to the fact that I feel like my life is changing [this is not a bad thing, but in fact a good thing]. Within the coming months following toward next September, a lot of things I'm used to are going to be changing. Before I begin, however- be aware that this is a personal post- but don't worry, the horror/geek stuff will be back in the next posts.. I promise, I just want to get this off my mind..

Number 1; Stephanie & I are finding a [first] place together-
Yep. This is as really as it's gonna get. We've been talking about it ever since we first moved in with my grandparents [here in Ottawa], but now it actually seems to be happening. We've looked at 2 places [and unfortunately got denied one of those places..] but I called a place yesterday that we had seen before [my Aunt used to live in the building] and they're real nice. =)


Number 2; I've been accepted!-
If you read what I post on a regular basis, or just read along as I'm going- you would remember that on February 26th, I mentioned that I had gone for an interview to do with working with Victim Services of Ottawa. [in fact, I'm pretty sure that I used the exact same picture above]  I was getting worried, since it had been about 3-4 weeks since the interview, and I hadn't heard anything back. [one thing that was mentioned in the interview was they were interviewing 70 people, & only accepting 30] Thankfully, I check my emails all the time, [mostly out of paranoia] and realized I had a new email  entitled "You've Been Accepted!" I can hereby say, I've finished all the online training, and I start the actual training [in person] on April 13th.. and I'm excited!


Number 3; My birthday is tomorrow?-
It's true. Tomorrow is the day I turn 21, and I don't have any idea, how to feel about that. I often describe my birthday as a day that I know is coming, but I'm not ready for it.. Whenever someone at work, school, or wherever asks how I feel to be turning 21, I quite literally reply with 'it's weird..' But I'm actually kind of excited for tomorrow- I got work off, and Stephanie and I are planning on going glow in the dark mini putting [I'm what you'd call mature haha]. I'll be sure to post pictures of the entire day, and let you guys know what happened.


I'd just like to end this post by thanking you guys- the readers- for reading this blog in general, even if it's just a post or two. I'm trying to find new ways to get new audiences to read it but I feel like it's not working as well as I initially hoped. I assume, like me, you may or may not have expected a personal post today- but thank you for taking the time to read it- /post. Be sure to like the fan page for this blog on Facebook; which you can find here, in the comments below or on Twitter here . If you have a Tumblr, follow me here. [Have a suggestion for a new post? Send me ideas/links any where mentioned above;] CHEERS!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Characters which were NOT in the LOTR films [that should have been]:

As a geek at heart, I should probably mention that I always have [and probably always will] have a soft spot in my heart for "The Lord Of The Rings" series. First off, when I first saw the movies/read the books, I refused to tell myself that I enjoy them. [I was way too much of a fan-boy for Harry Potter, since I read those first] However, now that I'm older and I've re-watched the trilogy, I'm realizing how much I really do enjoy the story, the mythology behind it, and the characters in general. The main thing that hit me, was that there are characters from the books, which never made their way into the films.. In this list, I will mention 5 of them [obviously there are more though] along with a small definition of them [in case you haven't read the books]..

 #01; Glorfindel-
Remember the part in The Fellowship Of The Ring when Frodo got stabbed by The Witch King & suddenly, Arwen showed up on her white horse and saved his life by taking him to Rivendell? Well..what you were really supposed to be seeing was a character by the name of Glorfindel. He's the one who arrived at the scene, and brought our dear Frodo to safety. Arwen doesn’t show up until way later!

 #02; Melkor- 
Put simply, Melkor was the very first dark Lord. Sauron, who everyone knows as the big bad guy of the LOTR series, was actually this guy’s apprentice. According to the books, when the world was first being created, Melkor was constantly fighting against it; doing this caused valleys to raise, if that wasn't enough, he also was known for smashing the fucking shit out of mountains. When Sauron was eventually killed, Melkor ended up getting his ass banished into the void. [although he cannot be killed] Ultimately, it has been prophesied that one day, he will return. He’s not precisely the nicest guy in the Lord Of The Rings world..

 #03; Fingolfin-
 Fingolfin was an elven king who challenged Melkor to a one on one fight. Melkor [naturally] accepted, but he wasn’t anywhere close to prepared for what he had coming. Fingolfin actually wounded Melkor’s face over 5 times, and Melkor found himself in eternal pain ever since. Unfortunately, Melkor ended up triumphing over Fingolfin mainly because he was what was considered a Valar [which in the LOTR universe, means nearly a God] & Fingolfin was nothing but an elf. Also, Fingolfin was also one of Aragorn’s earliest ancestors.


#04; Beorn [the Berserker]- 
As it seems, we didn’t see Beorn in the first of the three Hobbit films, however, Bilbo and the others [the dwarves] haven't exactly made it to the town of Mirkwood yet, so there’s a good chance we’ll see him in one of the next two movies. [here's hoping!] Beorn was a giant and actually has the ability to shape-shift into a bear at will. He was driven out of his homeland when it was overrun by Orcs. We seem him living as a hermit when he meets up with Bilbo and friends. 


#05; Tom Bombadil
Tom Bombadil is an special character, for one very important reason: The One Ring does absolutely nothing to him! You could chain him up against a wall with the ring glued to his face for over a thousand years, and the ring still wouldn’t tempt him with its power. Frodo and the other Hobbits met Tom in The Old Forest, early on during the beginning of their journey. They met when Merry gets trapped inside a living tree, and Tom saves his life by singing to the tree [weird, I know..] which ends up releasing him. Bombadil seems to hold a tremendous amount of power which we never really learn the full extent of. Tom can also see Frodo while he is wearing the Ring-so we know that almost at all times, Tom is watching them. When Frodo lets him see the Ring, Tom wears it, and yet nothing happens. He then makes the Ring totally vanish, but then reproduces it and gives it back to Frodo

As I've mentioned above, there's many characters who weren't in the Lord Of The Rings films.. [Even ones who weren't mentioned here] I know the films are long as it is, but even just a mention of them, would have been suffice. Be sure to like the fan page for this blog on Facebook, which you can find here, in the commentsbelow, or on Twitter here . If you have a Tumblr, follow me here[Have a suggestion for a new post? Send meideas/links any where mentioned above] CHEERS!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Turns out EVIL DEAD 4 isn't what we thought..

At the beginning of the month, I mentioned in a post [which can be found here] that Sam Raimi himself mentioned that he and his brother were working on writing on the script for Evil Dead 4. As it turns out, this was false. According to Raimi’s producer/partner Rob Tapert, they were never talking about doing an Evil Dead 4 but actually doing a direct sequel to Army Of Darkness..  I feel that personally, this is kind of awesome, as long as Bruce Campbell comes back- as you can't have a new Army Of Darkness without [the original] Ashley J. Williams.  [the famous line "This is my Boomstick" ring a bell?]

Also, since this is going to be done by Sam Raimi [considering this series IS his creation], I hope he sticks to his method of not using CGI like he in his other films.. that's what I liked about Evil Dead. Evil Dead 2, Army Of Darkness and Drag Me To Hell.  [Please be aware- I'm not sure if there is CGI in Oz; The Great & Powerful, as I haven't seen the film yet]

[As seen in Army Of Darkness above; pure original make-up effects.. NO CGI]

So, I'll leave this note with the following question.. how do you feel about this little update on what's coming? Are you okay with a direct sequel to Army Of Darkness, or would you have preferred an Evil Dead 4? Let me know! I'd love to hear your thoughts. Be sure to like the fan page for this blog on Facebook, which you can find here, in the comments below, or on Twitter here . If you have a Tumblr, follow me here[Have a suggestion for a new post? Send me ideas/links any where mentioned above] CHEERS!

Saturday, March 2, 2013


If you haven't already heard; Sam Raimi has confirmed a 4th Evil Dead movie [which I suppose would have to take place after 'Army Of Darkness'] at an event in London about his most recent flick, "Oz, The Great & Powerful". A horror blog by the name of Bleeding Cool [you can read their full report on the event herehas reported that Raimi told the people at the event the following quote;

"I would love to make Evil Dead 4. My brother & I plan to work on the script this summer."
I feel that this news is kind of abrupt, and so sudden, which is both a good & a bad thing.. I suppose it only makes sense to release the news now- [March is somewhat known as 'Evil Dead Month' which is fucking awesome because my birthday is March 23rd] but to release this news now, after the remake is just about to be released in theatres? what the fuck Raimi? I'm not complaining, don't get me wrong; I'm just slightly confused. Only one question remains however; 

Will Bruce Campbell be returning as Ashley J. Williams?

Personally, I kind of hope so; When I think of Evil Dead, Bruce is really the only one who comes to mind, Even if he is a little too old for the part- I'm sure Bruce and Sam [Raimi] could figure something out to make it work.. after all, they are really good friends. 

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