Saturday, March 30, 2013

Delayed Post; 21st Birthday . [March23rd]

As you may or may not have known, my 21st birthday recently past, and in the post before this one, I said I'd keep you guys updated on how it went- However, the birthday was exactly a week ago, and I had not posted anything yet [curse you final projects]. So, I'm going to quite literally tell you all about what happened.. and with pictures!


Are you a fan of Adventure Time? I sure as hell am, and Steph knows it! [she's a fan too, so obviously we have ourselves one hell of an awesome relationship!]

If you've seen the episode where Jake makes Bacon Pancakes, then you might know where I'm headed with this.. meaning, yes; believe it or not, Stephanie actually went ahead & tried to make me bacon pancakes! [as seen below]

Okay, so they don't exactly look like the cartoon- but they were still fucking delicious.

From there, we took the main part of the day which involved going Glow-In-The-Dark Mini Putting! I had been to this place a long time ago [at least, if memory serves correctly], but it didn't stop us from having fun!

[writer's note; forgive my terrible Blackberry camera- I realize it isn't great quality]

We didn't play for points, or even that seriously for that matter.. [in fact, at one point we actually threw the golf balls, trying to get them in-which obviously didn't go as well as it sounds.] 

I also got this great picture of Steph- which I actually am quite proud of.  One thing, I should mention is we paid for unlimited rounds of golf, yet only played one- this is due to the fact that we spent easily 3 hours in the arcade. Therefore, we got a lot of tickets, which are able to be traded for small prizes. [as seen below]

[and just think- thats all the tickets we collected from the games- all 1125 of them.

After the endless gaming, we went to 'Bai-du', which is an all you can eat Sushi place here in Ottawa, and it was most tasty! We then proceeded to head home [we left early that morning, around 11am, and got home at around 6:30-7:00] Which is were we had cake, and I opened gifts-

When I went to open the gifts, I realized I didn't have one from Steph, it turned out the reason why was because she ordered my gift online- and it just didn't arrive yet. If you can imagine a new iPod Touch in there, those were the gifts I opened the day of my birthday [As a horror geek, I figured they were perfect!] The only one of the 4 films I had not seen yet was 'Sinister' [although, Steph &I finally watched it yesterday- going to do a review on it tomorrow night- stay posted!]

Now as I said, I had to wait for Stephanie's gift, and it finally came in, I figured a picture would be better at explaining it, so take a look below!

For those who are "Evil Dead" [or in this case, technically it's "Army Of Darkness"] fans, you'll recognize the quote on the shirt- That's right! She got me a "Shop SMART, Shop, S-MART" shirt! To make an awesome gift, more awesome- she also got me a SRIRACHA cookbook- cause she knows it's one of my personal favorite hotsauces! well worth the wait.

So there it is, what I did on my birthday, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing about it. Lastly, I would just like to thank everyone who was involved with the day [even if you only sent me a "happy birthday" through text or Facebook]. It means a lot to be able to call you guys friends/family. I appreciate each and every one of you- even if I don't say it out loud enough. I love you guys..

[remember the 'prizes' I told you we could trade the tickets in for, at the arcade? well- one thing I got were these fucking awesome glasses.. just cause I could- cause I'm a 'mature adult' now.]

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