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Characters which were NOT in the LOTR films [that should have been]:

As a geek at heart, I should probably mention that I always have [and probably always will] have a soft spot in my heart for "The Lord Of The Rings" series. First off, when I first saw the movies/read the books, I refused to tell myself that I enjoy them. [I was way too much of a fan-boy for Harry Potter, since I read those first] However, now that I'm older and I've re-watched the trilogy, I'm realizing how much I really do enjoy the story, the mythology behind it, and the characters in general. The main thing that hit me, was that there are characters from the books, which never made their way into the films.. In this list, I will mention 5 of them [obviously there are more though] along with a small definition of them [in case you haven't read the books]..

 #01; Glorfindel-
Remember the part in The Fellowship Of The Ring when Frodo got stabbed by The Witch King & suddenly, Arwen showed up on her white horse and saved his life by taking him to Rivendell? Well..what you were really supposed to be seeing was a character by the name of Glorfindel. He's the one who arrived at the scene, and brought our dear Frodo to safety. Arwen doesn’t show up until way later!

 #02; Melkor- 
Put simply, Melkor was the very first dark Lord. Sauron, who everyone knows as the big bad guy of the LOTR series, was actually this guy’s apprentice. According to the books, when the world was first being created, Melkor was constantly fighting against it; doing this caused valleys to raise, if that wasn't enough, he also was known for smashing the fucking shit out of mountains. When Sauron was eventually killed, Melkor ended up getting his ass banished into the void. [although he cannot be killed] Ultimately, it has been prophesied that one day, he will return. He’s not precisely the nicest guy in the Lord Of The Rings world..

 #03; Fingolfin-
 Fingolfin was an elven king who challenged Melkor to a one on one fight. Melkor [naturally] accepted, but he wasn’t anywhere close to prepared for what he had coming. Fingolfin actually wounded Melkor’s face over 5 times, and Melkor found himself in eternal pain ever since. Unfortunately, Melkor ended up triumphing over Fingolfin mainly because he was what was considered a Valar [which in the LOTR universe, means nearly a God] & Fingolfin was nothing but an elf. Also, Fingolfin was also one of Aragorn’s earliest ancestors.


#04; Beorn [the Berserker]- 
As it seems, we didn’t see Beorn in the first of the three Hobbit films, however, Bilbo and the others [the dwarves] haven't exactly made it to the town of Mirkwood yet, so there’s a good chance we’ll see him in one of the next two movies. [here's hoping!] Beorn was a giant and actually has the ability to shape-shift into a bear at will. He was driven out of his homeland when it was overrun by Orcs. We seem him living as a hermit when he meets up with Bilbo and friends. 


#05; Tom Bombadil
Tom Bombadil is an special character, for one very important reason: The One Ring does absolutely nothing to him! You could chain him up against a wall with the ring glued to his face for over a thousand years, and the ring still wouldn’t tempt him with its power. Frodo and the other Hobbits met Tom in The Old Forest, early on during the beginning of their journey. They met when Merry gets trapped inside a living tree, and Tom saves his life by singing to the tree [weird, I know..] which ends up releasing him. Bombadil seems to hold a tremendous amount of power which we never really learn the full extent of. Tom can also see Frodo while he is wearing the Ring-so we know that almost at all times, Tom is watching them. When Frodo lets him see the Ring, Tom wears it, and yet nothing happens. He then makes the Ring totally vanish, but then reproduces it and gives it back to Frodo

As I've mentioned above, there's many characters who weren't in the Lord Of The Rings films.. [Even ones who weren't mentioned here] I know the films are long as it is, but even just a mention of them, would have been suffice. Be sure to like the fan page for this blog on Facebook, which you can find here, in the commentsbelow, or on Twitter here . If you have a Tumblr, follow me here[Have a suggestion for a new post? Send meideas/links any where mentioned above] CHEERS!

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