Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New trailer of the day: Avengers

Today, we are treated to something special. A certain trailer has been released for Marvel and Superhero fans alike. When I found out yesterday that it would be released today at 9:00 AM, I knew I had to check it out. We've seen the Superbowl spot, we've seen the first teaser trailer. Now, we get the best yet..the official trailer. [am I the only one cheering that we see more Hulk?] I'll be honest I'm not a huge fan of Mark Ruffalo as Hulk though [I was much more impressed with Edward Norton.. ] but, I'll have to put my faith in him. [could be worse- we could be looking at Eric Bana playing the famous Bruce Banner again. *shudder*] The trailer looks great, the cast looks perfect, I'm super excited! I figured since I'm a geek when it comes to super heroes and especially Marvel, I needed to share this awesome trailer with the public !!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Movie Review: Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence [2011]

Please note- before I officially begin this review, I'd like to point out that I will be in fact use pictures and GIFs from the movie in this review [so there are many spoilers]; and as obvious as it may sound: they are for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY! I need to point this out as the film itself is quite graphic and some parts [which will be mentioned in the review] made me cringe..I enjoy scary, gross movies, but at some points; I honestly was amazed I didn't just turn the movie off! If you still wish to read the review, it is found below. Just thought I'd clarify before I begin.

As with the first Human Centipede movie, I was ever so skeptical about this movie as all I've been hearing about it from people is 'Oh God, don't watch it. It's about a million times worse!' or the more common response: 'Hell, it's your funeral; not mine..' [Thanks for that, guys.. glad to know you care. Only one friend actually suggested that I watch it.] But I saw it at HMV, and it was on sale.. okay, by on sale I mean $26. But facts remain the same, it was there..and I had to get it. [I'm one of those people who has to see EVERY movie in a series, I mean; I recently watched Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1- just because I saw the other 3.] I was originally intending to buy Pet Semetary [The 25th anniversary edition might I add], I eventually put that one down- grabbed Human Centipede 2 and booked it to the cash before I changed my mind. Sadly, as excited [not to mention fucking terrified] I was to watch it, I had to work that very night.. and until midnight none the less [I also refused to let Stephanie watch it before I saw it first, she hated the first and I warned her that the second seemed considerably worse.] I had no choice but to watch it the next morning- after Stephanie had left for work. I must have meant those words quite realistically because that's what I did: As soon as I heard the door to outside close, I popped the disk into the DVD player. I naturally skipped all the previews and trailers and jumped right to the menu, which made my heart pound hard out of my chest. Without thinking, I clicked play movie. [the official review starts after the dotted line. it will have MAJOR spoilers, and will involve graphic GIFs/pictures. You can now say you've been warned..]
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Immediately, we are shown that the movie is going to be filmed in black and white- which I didn't mind at all. However, the movie starts off with the exact ending of Human Centipede [the first one]and we notice that a dwarfish man, who we come to know as Martin [who is a lonely, disturbed security guard in London] has been watching watching the film on his laptop. As soon as the credits roll, he rewinds the movie back to the very beginning [which confused me, because you don't have to rewind DVDs I thought?] to watch the film again.. The only difference this time around, is he pulls out this huge binder: [as seen below.]

This binder is filled with things that Doctor Hieter from the first film had created- such as the idea of the gastronomical tract through 3 people [although Martin seems to have it up to 6- as seen in the drawing by his hand..] and as Martin re-watches the first film, he actually adds more to his book. It's then that we see Martin get distracted by the security tapes. He sees a man and his girlfriend in the parking garage which Martin works at, and he abruptly gets up with his crowbar.. After an argument with the man [known to us who watch with the subtitles as Ian], Martin beats him over the head with the crowbar, and then heads toward the woman. Eventually, the couple is knocked out [I mean, how could you NOT be knocked out after being beat over the head with a crowbar??] and their hands are duct taped together, and the woman is stripped down. To make a long story a hell of a lot shorter, Martin eventually has kidnapped 12 people !! [including a pregnant lady!] We also learn of his mother, who despises him pretty much, and tells him that it's his fault his father is in jail [although, during one scene we hear WHY: here's a hint: you hear Martin as a baby crying; and an older -more likely father- figure saying 'Stop them tears, you're only making Daddy's willy harder..'] <- I'm pretty sure Martin's fucked up fantasies come from a) The first film and his fetishes toward it. and b) He was sexually abused by his father when he was younger. Anyway, back to Martin's mother. We see her enlist the help of a psychiatrist- Doctor Sebring, who doesn't really help [he certainly scared Martin, as we see the doc rub his leg...] and when she finds Martin's book, she rips it to shreds, completely upset at him.. to which Martin goes berserk- killing his mother. [as seen below:]

Killing his mother left him to go full board with his operation: making the 12 person human centipede! However, there are a few things you still need to remember and put into context first-

1. Doctor Hieter from Human Centipede1 was a doctor. Martin is just a lonely security guard.

2. Doctor Hieter technically knew what he was doing since he was a professional in separating twins, Martin only has what he heard Hieter say while he was watching the first film.

3. Hieter has medical tools, and anesthesia, Martin has a hammer, and a staple gun.


This leaves us to pretty well assume Martin's operation is going to be pretty different compared to Hieter's in the sense that at least Hieter may have made a cleaner job of the operation due to being an actual doctor..

[...Yep. 'pretty different' then the Hieter's operation indeed..]

Remember how I said there were parts even I couldn't watch? This was one of them. Obviously, as it's a GIF, you can't tell; but during this scene you could actually hear the teeth being hit [sounded pretty damn convincing to me] and not to mention you hear the guy choking on his own bile and blood. As I've mentioned before, I'm usually really good at watching these kind of scenes, but the realism of this one just got to me. The realism in this movie is so intense that when we see Martin cutting the tenants in the knee on his victims [yes, you see this full force- too bad I can't find a GIF] I actually bit my lip until it bled. Finally, when all is said and done- this is the result:

It seems that the operation worked as planned, and he actually managed to get 12 people stapled together [rather than sewn like in the first film]. He then begins doing pretty well what Hieter did with the whole food in a bowl- trying to feed his new 'pet' [I'm pretty sure the can that he put in the bowl said soup..] When the girl at the front of the centipede, Ms. Yennie [as in Jenny from the first film- remember? she was the one in the middle who lived at the end of the first film- below:]

[Yeeeah.. that girl! Remember her?]

tosses the bowl of soup Martin was trying to feed her off into the distance out of being upset at the situation at hand.. However, Martin kind of gets upset- yet, he smiles...

[All those in favor of never wanting to see this smile again?]

He seems to randomly have a funnel and a tube at his disposal,, and shoves it down Ms. Yennie's throat. he then pours the remaining soup down- forcing it into her system. When she finally finishes it, Martin once again decides to 'one up' Doctor Hieter. Does anyone remember the part during the original Human Centipede where Doctor Hieter waits for that special moment when the Asian man [I forget his name...] has to take a shit?

Well, Martin is sadly; not all that patient. We actually see him with a syringe and [although if you carefully enough, it said 'oral use only'] he actually injects Ms. Yennie with a laxative! It turns out, that he ends up injecting each of the 12 people, probably waiting on an explosive result.. which ultimately- he gets. We hear all sorts of sounds coming from the people and we see all the details of the shit.. Now, I'd like to say that by this point in the film, I thought I had seen the climax-I thought this was as insane as it was going to get.. However, I was seriously wrong. Although happy with his 'creation', and although he got what he wanted- [the people shitting everywhere] The very worst [in my ever so humble opinion.] was what came next. After everyone is freaking out from their massive diarrhea problems, Martin actually walks over to the end of the centipede, and actually rapes the girl who is the final part of the centipede! Of course, it has to go when step further when we realize Martin cannot maintain an erection- so naturally he ties his penis with nothing less than a piece of barbed wire..[words cannot describe how happy I am that I can't find a picture on Google of this scene] He then begins to violently rape the end of the centipede, to the point that the whole screen is shaking. When he's finally done though, the walks away from his 12 person creation, and not even 5 seconds later, one of the guys [who was stapled in the middle of the centipede] rips himself off from the others, leaving the guy he was attached to [not to mention his mouth] all bloodied up. One of the final scenes that we see, is Ms. Yennie grab the funnel, and actually stab in into Martin's ass- and throw an actual centipede into the funnel..leaving Martin to die.. Abruptly, the screen flashes- and we see Martin sitting in the room from the beginning; watching The Human Centipede. [we're left to understand this whole idea was all in his mind..]
Now, obviously there are scenes I didn't think of until after this review was finished and was proof read such as Martin killing the psychiatrist while he has sex with a prostitute in the back of a car, or the fact that the pregnant woman Martin kidnapped had actually given birth all over the floor, and she crushed this not even 2 hour old baby, under the gas pedal of a car she took trying to escape. But, at least you know these scenes exist. [yeah, it's pretty fucking crazy..] As for my opinion of the movie, I thought for what it was- it was pretty damn good. I mean, as I'm sure you know by now- I am a movie buff, one who if he starts a series of movies: I feel compelled to finish the series. So since I saw the first Human Centipede which I was kind of disappointed with [considering like so many, I expected to see what we saw in Human Centipede 2] but after looking up interviews with Tom Six [the writer/directer of both Human Centipede1 and 2] I now understand that the first film was to be more psychological, rather than the second being more 'I want to see the gore, the violence and all that is shitty.' I also found out that apparently, there is to be a 3rd film coming next- Human Centipede 3: The Final Sequence. Lastly, I'd like to put a shout out to Tom Six: you told us you'd shock us, making the first film look like Disney Land- I can personally say, you did what you said you were going to do; making some hardcore horror fans like myself cringe in our very skin..

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New movie poster of the day: Tim Burton's Frankenweenie

As mentioned before, I'm a pretty big Tim Burton Buff. Of all you will find on this blog, most of it will involve Tim Burton related topics, and other various things. When going onto to look up everything horror related. I came across an article talking about Frankenweenie. I naturally had to click it, as the topic of this Tim Burton movie has been on the down low side of things lately. [I'm actually hoping a trailer will soon surface- as the poster looks really awesome.] So low and behold: the brand new poster for Tim Burton's Frankenweenie. [below]


Beautiful, isn't it? For those of you who don't know, this is actually a remake.. However, it's a remake of an original Tim made back in 1984. The original was a live action black and white film [while this one will remain in black and white, it'll be stop motion; much like Nightmare Before Christmas & Corpse Bride] and was only approximately 45 minutes long. None the less, a poster for the new and improved version of the film has been officially released. The story follows young Victor and his dog Sparky. [Assuming this version follows the original] It all begins when Victor and Sparky are playing fetch in the yard and the ball rolls onto the road, and Sparky chases after it.. Only to be hit by a car. Sad, Victor trudges on with life, hardly caring much for school, and pretty well anything. Victor's head only actually jumps for joy when in science class, he hears his teacher mention that electricity can make a dead frog's limbs move if applied in the right places. Victor then imagines if this could work for his now dead dog Sparky. And thus begins the idea of Frankenweenie. Being the Tim Burton fan I am, it's pretty safe to say I'll be going opening night. At least, I'm hoping to. I'm also hoping that this version of the film, stays pretty close to the original; cause I fell in love with the original since the first time I saw it.. [What I'm REALLY trying to say is: 'Don't let this be the same kind of remake as Nightmare On Elm Street was. The original 1985 Freddy is a million times better than 2010 Freddy, y'know?'- again, just my opinion.. feel free to argue this point, or any point I make for that matter.] I have my faith though, good old Tim Burton hasn't let me down yet..I just hope this isn't the one that breaks my heart.

Friday, February 17, 2012

News of the day: X-Men: First Class sequel to feature more Magneto !!

I found out some good news for Michael Fassbender fans out there, you know, the actor who played Erik Lensherr [or better known as Magneto] in X-Men First Class. He has officially been set to have an even bigger part in the sequel. This has been said by the writer of the sequel Simon Kingsberg, who recently talked with MTV. Kinsberg had some interesting things to say about the character, who as we know, started out as a close friend to Charles Xavier- only to take a negative turn; deciding his powers should be used for evil purposes. Simon Kingsberg told MTV "What's what was so cool about the first one and what we want to continue. Magneto becomes the villain ultimately of the franchise but he’s a much more complicated character as a young man. He’s someone you sympathize with, you care about you root for even though might not necessarily agree with his methods, you understand his philosophy."
Although Fassbender was seen wearing the famous Magneto helmet and then joined forces with some other evil people at the end of X-Men: First Class, Kinsberg says he won’t necessarily become completely bad right away. "Michael [Fassbender] is such an interesting actor, he’ll never be full-on anything. He’ll have a villainous side and he’ll have a sympathetic human side you’ll be able to relate to but you’ll also be afraid of him."
HOWEVER! According to earlier rumors regarding the sequel, Magneto will not be the primary villain of the next X-Men movie. An interview with director Matthew Vaughn told us that the film would work with already established characters instead of bringing in a group of new ones, [which I for one agree would be disastrous] however there would be a new villain introduced. A villian which Vaughn had hinted would be familiar to fans of the X-Men franchise. So there is obviously going to be some excitement behind this [Hell, I'm excited.. I'm a HUGE Marvel fan] But, if you're not excited [which I can't see why you wouldn't be?!] At the very least it’ll have more Michael Fassbender, which no one can complain about.

[Above: Michael Fassbender in X-Men: First Class]

My Fear[s] of clowns:

Let me begin by saying I enjoy horror movies. They are all in good fun, especially when there's a scary atmosphere to the movie, and I find it even more amusing when I see terrible CGI. But, there is one thing I don't like- whether it's in the movies, or in real life.. in fact, I hate them so much, even if it's in a horror movie I can't look.. what the hell am I talking about? Let me give it to you straight: I fucking hate clowns. They scare the living shit out of me. Let me explain it for you. It all started when I was about 7 or 8. [give or take] and I was at the fair in the town I grew up in. [Bracebridge, Ontario!] and I saw one of those asshole clowns.. He was making balloon animals, and giggling- you know; classic clown stuff. It wasn't until I walked up and asked him why clowns all act the same. The guy decided to lean in all nice and creepy [as always] and told me these words 'Kid, we smile because in the past, we did something; something we're not exactly proud of. So we keep ourselves smiling, hoping we can forget the wrong we have done. ' ...maybe it's just me, but I don't exactly think that's how you're suppose talk to a kid at the fair. It scared me, and in fact I still think of this time to this day.. [and not in a good way.] I watch horror movies like nothing, I am safe in claiming I am a gorehound as their so politely called, but Clowns- they just upset me. Even in the movies such as Stephen King's IT. I saw it over at a friend's [whom I no longer speak to], and I was far from impressed. I won't lie, I enjoyed the story.. it was well written and I am a fan of Stephen King's. However, when IT became the clown, Pennywise.. I felt like I wanted to die. I couldn't even finish the movie. [I hid under blankets, and figured it'd just go away] Thankfully however, I've seen the whole movie since then; and I still enjoy it. But never again, will I trust a clown..

[Above: Pennywise- Stephen King's IT.]
I guess it's just the idea of clowns over all, especially after that situation I went through with having to deal with one and what it said to me.. I still dislike them to the fullest degree [my sister was in a play and actually had to warn me that there was clowns in it.. even though they were just dolls, I didn't really enjoy them on stage.] There are some clown exceptions however, and those are from some of my more favorite movies. These clowns include the following:

Captain Spaulding from House Of 1000 Corpses/The Devil's Rejects
The Joker from Batman/The Dark Knight
aaaaaaaaaaaand that's pretty much it for exceptions. So I'm just going to close off by saying clowns are scary as shit. I'm allowed to say that, because I had a bad experience with one once.. I realize that not all clowns are the same, but after that one experience, and then finding myself scared shitless of IT.. I'm officially DONE with clowns..

Thursday, February 16, 2012

New trailer of the day: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Whether or not you are aware that I'm a HUGE Tim Burton fan is irrelevant. [HINT: I own all his work on DVD, and that was no easy task] So naturally when I heard he was helping with the movie adaptation of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter; I had to look for a trailer. I searched and searched and found nothing. However, when browsing Youtube for no obvious reason earlier this week, I came across a little tidbit that felt like it was long overdue: I found the goddamned trailer! So when I checked Reddit, to see if my find was legit or not...Let's just say it had done more than put a grin on my face! So without further discussion I give you the official Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter trailer. [found below]

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Obvious Overthinking.

Tim Burton- the one man who has made me into the dark twisted person I am today. I love his style, how dark and twisted it can be; especially his drawings. They are so much like my own [perhaps where I got the style?] Tim drawn all sorts of 'cast-out from society' type of characters which is what I do as well.. I guess of you really think about it, Tim grew up the same way I did: feeling alone [apart from family] without a large group of friends..but rather, 2 or 3 close friends. Maybe, now that I think about it, that's possibly why I took to dark fantasy, and horror as I grew older. To feel some sort of feeling of fear, a feeling I never truly understood. Hell, I still don't understand the feeling of fear. I mean I'm felt it, but maybe I'm not meant to understand the actual feeling. All I know is I constantly worry that my thoughts will become an entity that will eventually take over my entire being.. But maybe I am just over thinking everything; like usual. I need to stop over thinking.. It's a terrible habit, and I do it almost 5 times a day. [Below: Tim Burton]

TV show[s] & the things that piss me off:

Let's face facts, I enjoy shows that involve someone going around on a killing spree just because or people getting killed in general. I mean, my favorite shows are Dexter, and Six Feet Under! But anyways, have you ever had one of those moments [during the show] that just makes you extremely mad to the point where you kind of :
.. Okay, I'm sure we've all felt like that- I know I have. The most recent time was watching Dexter [Season 5 finale, might I add] with Stephanie [my fiancee] and Isabella [my sister].
Now if you want to know what part it was that made me feel like Otis [the GIF above] scroll past my 'Spoiler Alert' banner- but it helps if you watch Dexter, or at least have seen the ending of Season 5.

Okay, if you've made it this far, you're about to find out what made me feel so much like Otis[below]
[I speak for all of us when I say, I love Otis Firefly wayyyyyy too much]

Let me break it down for you, even if you have seen Season5- Nearing the end of the season, we learn that Dexter is becoming more and more infatuated with Lumen and Lumen with him. They feel like they have something together and Dexter is feeling like he finally found someone who doesn't see him as a Monster. [Point ONE for Dex, I'm proud of him :D] however, after FINALLY ridding themselves of Jordan Chase, Lumen and Dexter feel happy that the whole scenario with Chase and his buddies is over and done with so they decide to head back to the apartment. The next day, Dexter is all smiles and all happy-go-lucky [plus it's Harrison's birthday] but for some reason, Lumen is deathly silent. She mentions she hadn't slept at all that night because she has something she has to say- yet doesn't know how to say it. [okay, now the part that pisses me off to no end].. She tells Dexter her darkness is gone and she has to leave Miami- that day. She makes Dexter super upset, and he even smashes a plate out of frustration! Lumen then leaves Dexter to be upset for the rest of the day, despite it being his Son's first birthday. I was extremely upset. Especially after all they went through together. I've decided that Dexter needs to be alone when following through with his Dark Passenger from now on. No more people like Miguel [Season3] and certainly no more women like Lila [Season2] or Lumen [Season5].. But maybe that's just me.

                                      I liked and reviewed Dexter                                        “Basically the greatest show on TV. I own the DVDs up to Season 5 [as Season6 isn’t out yet..] and I own the first 4 books [I still need ‘Dexter Is Delicious, and Double Dexter] Michael C Hall does a F…”                Dexter on

First Post::

[left: myself- Warren] Y'know, there comes a time in every movie buff's life where he says 'I need to make myself a blog..' Okay, no one says that, [except maybe me, as I said it when I started this..] but here I am..for good. However, I actually had a blog on here a long time ago, but I would either forget my password or I ended up just using Tumblr. [you can follow me on Tumblr- here] However, when I actually did remember my password just the other night- I figured I want to delete that old blog and start fresh. [according to Blogger my last post on the last blog was 2 years ago...] So where to begin? Okay, My name is Warren, I'm currently 19 [I turn 20 on March 23] and I'm an avid movie fan. I rarely 'dislike' movies [I try and give them all a solid chance] but of course there are a few exceptions. I don't want to drag this out too long so, I'll make a FAQ page just so to save time. Until then, expect to actually see this blog updated regularly about pretty well anything I see fit.. just mainly topics such as movies, reviews and other exciting things. Cheers!