Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New movie poster of the day: Tim Burton's Frankenweenie

As mentioned before, I'm a pretty big Tim Burton Buff. Of all you will find on this blog, most of it will involve Tim Burton related topics, and other various things. When going onto http://horrorbid.com to look up everything horror related. I came across an article talking about Frankenweenie. I naturally had to click it, as the topic of this Tim Burton movie has been on the down low side of things lately. [I'm actually hoping a trailer will soon surface- as the poster looks really awesome.] So low and behold: the brand new poster for Tim Burton's Frankenweenie. [below]


Beautiful, isn't it? For those of you who don't know, this is actually a remake.. However, it's a remake of an original Tim made back in 1984. The original was a live action black and white film [while this one will remain in black and white, it'll be stop motion; much like Nightmare Before Christmas & Corpse Bride] and was only approximately 45 minutes long. None the less, a poster for the new and improved version of the film has been officially released. The story follows young Victor and his dog Sparky. [Assuming this version follows the original] It all begins when Victor and Sparky are playing fetch in the yard and the ball rolls onto the road, and Sparky chases after it.. Only to be hit by a car. Sad, Victor trudges on with life, hardly caring much for school, and pretty well anything. Victor's head only actually jumps for joy when in science class, he hears his teacher mention that electricity can make a dead frog's limbs move if applied in the right places. Victor then imagines if this could work for his now dead dog Sparky. And thus begins the idea of Frankenweenie. Being the Tim Burton fan I am, it's pretty safe to say I'll be going opening night. At least, I'm hoping to. I'm also hoping that this version of the film, stays pretty close to the original; cause I fell in love with the original since the first time I saw it.. [What I'm REALLY trying to say is: 'Don't let this be the same kind of remake as Nightmare On Elm Street was. The original 1985 Freddy is a million times better than 2010 Freddy, y'know?'- again, just my opinion.. feel free to argue this point, or any point I make for that matter.] I have my faith though, good old Tim Burton hasn't let me down yet..I just hope this isn't the one that breaks my heart.

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