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Movie Review: Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence [2011]

Please note- before I officially begin this review, I'd like to point out that I will be in fact use pictures and GIFs from the movie in this review [so there are many spoilers]; and as obvious as it may sound: they are for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY! I need to point this out as the film itself is quite graphic and some parts [which will be mentioned in the review] made me cringe..I enjoy scary, gross movies, but at some points; I honestly was amazed I didn't just turn the movie off! If you still wish to read the review, it is found below. Just thought I'd clarify before I begin.

As with the first Human Centipede movie, I was ever so skeptical about this movie as all I've been hearing about it from people is 'Oh God, don't watch it. It's about a million times worse!' or the more common response: 'Hell, it's your funeral; not mine..' [Thanks for that, guys.. glad to know you care. Only one friend actually suggested that I watch it.] But I saw it at HMV, and it was on sale.. okay, by on sale I mean $26. But facts remain the same, it was there..and I had to get it. [I'm one of those people who has to see EVERY movie in a series, I mean; I recently watched Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1- just because I saw the other 3.] I was originally intending to buy Pet Semetary [The 25th anniversary edition might I add], I eventually put that one down- grabbed Human Centipede 2 and booked it to the cash before I changed my mind. Sadly, as excited [not to mention fucking terrified] I was to watch it, I had to work that very night.. and until midnight none the less [I also refused to let Stephanie watch it before I saw it first, she hated the first and I warned her that the second seemed considerably worse.] I had no choice but to watch it the next morning- after Stephanie had left for work. I must have meant those words quite realistically because that's what I did: As soon as I heard the door to outside close, I popped the disk into the DVD player. I naturally skipped all the previews and trailers and jumped right to the menu, which made my heart pound hard out of my chest. Without thinking, I clicked play movie. [the official review starts after the dotted line. it will have MAJOR spoilers, and will involve graphic GIFs/pictures. You can now say you've been warned..]
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Immediately, we are shown that the movie is going to be filmed in black and white- which I didn't mind at all. However, the movie starts off with the exact ending of Human Centipede [the first one]and we notice that a dwarfish man, who we come to know as Martin [who is a lonely, disturbed security guard in London] has been watching watching the film on his laptop. As soon as the credits roll, he rewinds the movie back to the very beginning [which confused me, because you don't have to rewind DVDs I thought?] to watch the film again.. The only difference this time around, is he pulls out this huge binder: [as seen below.]

This binder is filled with things that Doctor Hieter from the first film had created- such as the idea of the gastronomical tract through 3 people [although Martin seems to have it up to 6- as seen in the drawing by his hand..] and as Martin re-watches the first film, he actually adds more to his book. It's then that we see Martin get distracted by the security tapes. He sees a man and his girlfriend in the parking garage which Martin works at, and he abruptly gets up with his crowbar.. After an argument with the man [known to us who watch with the subtitles as Ian], Martin beats him over the head with the crowbar, and then heads toward the woman. Eventually, the couple is knocked out [I mean, how could you NOT be knocked out after being beat over the head with a crowbar??] and their hands are duct taped together, and the woman is stripped down. To make a long story a hell of a lot shorter, Martin eventually has kidnapped 12 people !! [including a pregnant lady!] We also learn of his mother, who despises him pretty much, and tells him that it's his fault his father is in jail [although, during one scene we hear WHY: here's a hint: you hear Martin as a baby crying; and an older -more likely father- figure saying 'Stop them tears, you're only making Daddy's willy harder..'] <- I'm pretty sure Martin's fucked up fantasies come from a) The first film and his fetishes toward it. and b) He was sexually abused by his father when he was younger. Anyway, back to Martin's mother. We see her enlist the help of a psychiatrist- Doctor Sebring, who doesn't really help [he certainly scared Martin, as we see the doc rub his leg...] and when she finds Martin's book, she rips it to shreds, completely upset at him.. to which Martin goes berserk- killing his mother. [as seen below:]

Killing his mother left him to go full board with his operation: making the 12 person human centipede! However, there are a few things you still need to remember and put into context first-

1. Doctor Hieter from Human Centipede1 was a doctor. Martin is just a lonely security guard.

2. Doctor Hieter technically knew what he was doing since he was a professional in separating twins, Martin only has what he heard Hieter say while he was watching the first film.

3. Hieter has medical tools, and anesthesia, Martin has a hammer, and a staple gun.


This leaves us to pretty well assume Martin's operation is going to be pretty different compared to Hieter's in the sense that at least Hieter may have made a cleaner job of the operation due to being an actual doctor..

[...Yep. 'pretty different' then the Hieter's operation indeed..]

Remember how I said there were parts even I couldn't watch? This was one of them. Obviously, as it's a GIF, you can't tell; but during this scene you could actually hear the teeth being hit [sounded pretty damn convincing to me] and not to mention you hear the guy choking on his own bile and blood. As I've mentioned before, I'm usually really good at watching these kind of scenes, but the realism of this one just got to me. The realism in this movie is so intense that when we see Martin cutting the tenants in the knee on his victims [yes, you see this full force- too bad I can't find a GIF] I actually bit my lip until it bled. Finally, when all is said and done- this is the result:

It seems that the operation worked as planned, and he actually managed to get 12 people stapled together [rather than sewn like in the first film]. He then begins doing pretty well what Hieter did with the whole food in a bowl- trying to feed his new 'pet' [I'm pretty sure the can that he put in the bowl said soup..] When the girl at the front of the centipede, Ms. Yennie [as in Jenny from the first film- remember? she was the one in the middle who lived at the end of the first film- below:]

[Yeeeah.. that girl! Remember her?]

tosses the bowl of soup Martin was trying to feed her off into the distance out of being upset at the situation at hand.. However, Martin kind of gets upset- yet, he smiles...

[All those in favor of never wanting to see this smile again?]

He seems to randomly have a funnel and a tube at his disposal,, and shoves it down Ms. Yennie's throat. he then pours the remaining soup down- forcing it into her system. When she finally finishes it, Martin once again decides to 'one up' Doctor Hieter. Does anyone remember the part during the original Human Centipede where Doctor Hieter waits for that special moment when the Asian man [I forget his name...] has to take a shit?

Well, Martin is sadly; not all that patient. We actually see him with a syringe and [although if you carefully enough, it said 'oral use only'] he actually injects Ms. Yennie with a laxative! It turns out, that he ends up injecting each of the 12 people, probably waiting on an explosive result.. which ultimately- he gets. We hear all sorts of sounds coming from the people and we see all the details of the shit.. Now, I'd like to say that by this point in the film, I thought I had seen the climax-I thought this was as insane as it was going to get.. However, I was seriously wrong. Although happy with his 'creation', and although he got what he wanted- [the people shitting everywhere] The very worst [in my ever so humble opinion.] was what came next. After everyone is freaking out from their massive diarrhea problems, Martin actually walks over to the end of the centipede, and actually rapes the girl who is the final part of the centipede! Of course, it has to go when step further when we realize Martin cannot maintain an erection- so naturally he ties his penis with nothing less than a piece of barbed wire..[words cannot describe how happy I am that I can't find a picture on Google of this scene] He then begins to violently rape the end of the centipede, to the point that the whole screen is shaking. When he's finally done though, the walks away from his 12 person creation, and not even 5 seconds later, one of the guys [who was stapled in the middle of the centipede] rips himself off from the others, leaving the guy he was attached to [not to mention his mouth] all bloodied up. One of the final scenes that we see, is Ms. Yennie grab the funnel, and actually stab in into Martin's ass- and throw an actual centipede into the funnel..leaving Martin to die.. Abruptly, the screen flashes- and we see Martin sitting in the room from the beginning; watching The Human Centipede. [we're left to understand this whole idea was all in his mind..]
Now, obviously there are scenes I didn't think of until after this review was finished and was proof read such as Martin killing the psychiatrist while he has sex with a prostitute in the back of a car, or the fact that the pregnant woman Martin kidnapped had actually given birth all over the floor, and she crushed this not even 2 hour old baby, under the gas pedal of a car she took trying to escape. But, at least you know these scenes exist. [yeah, it's pretty fucking crazy..] As for my opinion of the movie, I thought for what it was- it was pretty damn good. I mean, as I'm sure you know by now- I am a movie buff, one who if he starts a series of movies: I feel compelled to finish the series. So since I saw the first Human Centipede which I was kind of disappointed with [considering like so many, I expected to see what we saw in Human Centipede 2] but after looking up interviews with Tom Six [the writer/directer of both Human Centipede1 and 2] I now understand that the first film was to be more psychological, rather than the second being more 'I want to see the gore, the violence and all that is shitty.' I also found out that apparently, there is to be a 3rd film coming next- Human Centipede 3: The Final Sequence. Lastly, I'd like to put a shout out to Tom Six: you told us you'd shock us, making the first film look like Disney Land- I can personally say, you did what you said you were going to do; making some hardcore horror fans like myself cringe in our very skin..

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