Wednesday, February 15, 2012

TV show[s] & the things that piss me off:

Let's face facts, I enjoy shows that involve someone going around on a killing spree just because or people getting killed in general. I mean, my favorite shows are Dexter, and Six Feet Under! But anyways, have you ever had one of those moments [during the show] that just makes you extremely mad to the point where you kind of :
.. Okay, I'm sure we've all felt like that- I know I have. The most recent time was watching Dexter [Season 5 finale, might I add] with Stephanie [my fiancee] and Isabella [my sister].
Now if you want to know what part it was that made me feel like Otis [the GIF above] scroll past my 'Spoiler Alert' banner- but it helps if you watch Dexter, or at least have seen the ending of Season 5.

Okay, if you've made it this far, you're about to find out what made me feel so much like Otis[below]
[I speak for all of us when I say, I love Otis Firefly wayyyyyy too much]

Let me break it down for you, even if you have seen Season5- Nearing the end of the season, we learn that Dexter is becoming more and more infatuated with Lumen and Lumen with him. They feel like they have something together and Dexter is feeling like he finally found someone who doesn't see him as a Monster. [Point ONE for Dex, I'm proud of him :D] however, after FINALLY ridding themselves of Jordan Chase, Lumen and Dexter feel happy that the whole scenario with Chase and his buddies is over and done with so they decide to head back to the apartment. The next day, Dexter is all smiles and all happy-go-lucky [plus it's Harrison's birthday] but for some reason, Lumen is deathly silent. She mentions she hadn't slept at all that night because she has something she has to say- yet doesn't know how to say it. [okay, now the part that pisses me off to no end].. She tells Dexter her darkness is gone and she has to leave Miami- that day. She makes Dexter super upset, and he even smashes a plate out of frustration! Lumen then leaves Dexter to be upset for the rest of the day, despite it being his Son's first birthday. I was extremely upset. Especially after all they went through together. I've decided that Dexter needs to be alone when following through with his Dark Passenger from now on. No more people like Miguel [Season3] and certainly no more women like Lila [Season2] or Lumen [Season5].. But maybe that's just me.

                                      I liked and reviewed Dexter                                        “Basically the greatest show on TV. I own the DVDs up to Season 5 [as Season6 isn’t out yet..] and I own the first 4 books [I still need ‘Dexter Is Delicious, and Double Dexter] Michael C Hall does a F…”                Dexter on

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