Wednesday, February 15, 2012

First Post::

[left: myself- Warren] Y'know, there comes a time in every movie buff's life where he says 'I need to make myself a blog..' Okay, no one says that, [except maybe me, as I said it when I started this..] but here I am..for good. However, I actually had a blog on here a long time ago, but I would either forget my password or I ended up just using Tumblr. [you can follow me on Tumblr- here] However, when I actually did remember my password just the other night- I figured I want to delete that old blog and start fresh. [according to Blogger my last post on the last blog was 2 years ago...] So where to begin? Okay, My name is Warren, I'm currently 19 [I turn 20 on March 23] and I'm an avid movie fan. I rarely 'dislike' movies [I try and give them all a solid chance] but of course there are a few exceptions. I don't want to drag this out too long so, I'll make a FAQ page just so to save time. Until then, expect to actually see this blog updated regularly about pretty well anything I see fit.. just mainly topics such as movies, reviews and other exciting things. Cheers!

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