Friday, February 17, 2012

News of the day: X-Men: First Class sequel to feature more Magneto !!

I found out some good news for Michael Fassbender fans out there, you know, the actor who played Erik Lensherr [or better known as Magneto] in X-Men First Class. He has officially been set to have an even bigger part in the sequel. This has been said by the writer of the sequel Simon Kingsberg, who recently talked with MTV. Kinsberg had some interesting things to say about the character, who as we know, started out as a close friend to Charles Xavier- only to take a negative turn; deciding his powers should be used for evil purposes. Simon Kingsberg told MTV "What's what was so cool about the first one and what we want to continue. Magneto becomes the villain ultimately of the franchise but he’s a much more complicated character as a young man. He’s someone you sympathize with, you care about you root for even though might not necessarily agree with his methods, you understand his philosophy."
Although Fassbender was seen wearing the famous Magneto helmet and then joined forces with some other evil people at the end of X-Men: First Class, Kinsberg says he won’t necessarily become completely bad right away. "Michael [Fassbender] is such an interesting actor, he’ll never be full-on anything. He’ll have a villainous side and he’ll have a sympathetic human side you’ll be able to relate to but you’ll also be afraid of him."
HOWEVER! According to earlier rumors regarding the sequel, Magneto will not be the primary villain of the next X-Men movie. An interview with director Matthew Vaughn told us that the film would work with already established characters instead of bringing in a group of new ones, [which I for one agree would be disastrous] however there would be a new villain introduced. A villian which Vaughn had hinted would be familiar to fans of the X-Men franchise. So there is obviously going to be some excitement behind this [Hell, I'm excited.. I'm a HUGE Marvel fan] But, if you're not excited [which I can't see why you wouldn't be?!] At the very least it’ll have more Michael Fassbender, which no one can complain about.

[Above: Michael Fassbender in X-Men: First Class]

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