Sunday, March 31, 2013

Movie Review; Sinister [2012]

I've seen a few new-ish horror films lately ['Paranormal Activity 3' & 'The Woman In Black' were the more recent ones] and found myself a little concerned for the world of horror [I did enjoy 'The Woman In Black' though].. However, when I got Sinister for my birthday, and saw that it was from the producers of PA; naturally I groaned a little.. However, earlier this week, Steph and I decided that we may as well watch the film- considering its a horror, and I did intend on seeing it. [Be warned before you go ahead and read any further; there IS going to be spoilers]


AND holy fuck is it one hell of a film! The atmosphere, the camera work, the story.. Even the slight twist by the end was unexpected.The one thing that I felt was kind of intense was [Spoiler Alert-] the fact it wasn't just Mr.Boogie that was killing people- it was the damn kids! The fact that it was these kids killing not only their siblings, but even going so far as killing their parents is just fucking warped! [don't get me wrong, it is a new and refreshing take on horror, which impressed me most] The other thing that was nicely done was the acting: it didn't feel overplayed, and it was believable- which I'm starting to feel is rare in most films now-a-days. I really recommend this film to horror fans who haven't seen it yet, cause it was fucking amazing. Thanks Sinister, for both a refreshingly new horror, and for making my hand purple [Steph was clenching my hand for a good while during most scenes]

[Quite literally, this is the first scene in the film- except in color..]

[& here is the very last scene- just before the credits..]


If you saw the film, what did you think? Did you appreciate everything I did? Or was it the complete other way around- where you actually didn't like it? Sound off in the comments below, on the Facebook page, or anywhere found below.

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