Thursday, July 19, 2012

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So now I haven't posted here in almost a month?! That's terrifying! Sorry guys, it seems work really has taken over my life [this past weekend, and again this weekend; I have to work til 12am.. due to Batman:The Dark Knight Rises..] It's crazy.. I create a blog to write as much as I can- but I never seem to have the time; yet when I read other blogs, other bloggers have full time jobs, and children [Some should know I'm talking to them] and they find the time to write insane amounts of posts, while I look lazy. I feel like terrible knowing I haven't been on here enough lately, but I PROMISE I will be. Anyways, on to today's topic- Childhood Dreams and Escaping Reality.

We all have/had them. Dreams of conquering the world, or saving it- depending on the lifestyle you grew up around. This was probably due to trying to escape your reality. Let me explain- You know when you're like ten years old, and you tell yourself that when you're old enough- you're gonna don your cape, fly, save the world by kicking some ass? [okay, maybe not worded exactly like that.] Sometimes, it's important to still feel that way, because let's face it. By the time you are about 16 and onward, you are usually [not always] out of that thought process, and you're flipping burgers at some local joint down the street, hoping that you'll make something out of yourself one day. This is one of the concepts I feel is most true. As humans, I believe that we need to hold on to our childhood dreams, and find a way to escape harsh realities because if we don't; we're going to find ourselves boring- for lack of a better word. I don't understand why we have the rush to grow up. I mean, when we're younger- we can't wait to grow older; to be an adult; yet, as soon as we are adults- we aren't happy.. At least, not as happy as we had originally hoped. Suddenly, we have to pay bills and we have to go to work. We go from wanting to save the world, to wanting to save ourselves. Worst part is that sometimes, we aren't even good enough for that.

This is where the 'Escaping Reality' part comes in. I also find the belief of finding a way to escape reality, is one of the smartest things we can do.. it doesn't even have to be anything extremely difficult either.

[I love the fact that I was just thinking of using a screenshot from this movie, and I found one!]
Take myself for example- when I feel upset, 'out of it', or just want to run away from everything- I'll resort to my most prized possession; my DVD collection. I have over 140 DVDs, and for as long as I can remember, whenever I needed my escape, I'd put a DVD into the player- and just watch in awe. [I think this may add to the reasons I love Tim Burton so much..?] Even now, I do the same. I feel that it brings me to a new world, to avoid my own.. But enough about me; what are some of your childhood dreams? & what do you do to escape your very own reality? Let me know in the comments, or on the Facebook page [found here]. So as mentioned above- I realized how much I actually missed blogging, and I feel extremely terrible knowing it has almost been a month. I promise [pinkies crossed and all] that I'll be here more often, and not just once every month- cause that's just terrible. Until my next post [which better be soon], Cheers

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