Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rant of the day: Movie Remakes.

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, I've been busy [it IS summer] & I've been out doing...summer things and working. Not to mention when I'm not working or doing 'summer things', I couldn't think of any new topics to talk about here.. But this morning when I logged onto Facebook, I noticed my new rant topic; movie remakes. I'm sure I've touched on this before when talking about A Nightmare On Elm Street. So here we go- RANT ALERT [not actually me- Warren; depicted below]

I ABSOLUTELY despise the idea of remakes.. and I'm sure I'm not alone either. As you all know, I'm a huge horror movie fan, and my favorite movie of all time is the original 'A Nightmare On Elm Street'. Now, I saw [and own] the remake for SOLE the reason that I am a Freddy fan.. I didn't buy it necessarily because I enjoyed it. [it wasn't a terrible movie, I just felt like they made Freddy 'too evil' and they even changed the story a little.] The fact that the original was meant to be campy, and fun to watch, made the remake terrible. However, I've dealt and gotten past the Nightmare On Elm Street remake. It's every other remake that Hollywood is now planning that is grinding my gears [haha...I've always wanted to say that.] It almost seems like remakes are the norm now- and I'm sure there are a lot of fans that aren't overly impressed [can I see a show of hands?] It's almost like to make yourself known in Hollywood, you have to have a remake in your portfolio; at least it seems that way.
Now, as I said above, there is a lot of movies that Hollywood is remaking that don't need to be redone. but here's a bit of a list of some of the new remakes that are going to be released from Hollywood.

Number 1: The Evil Dead.

This movie is up at the top with A Nightmare On Elm Street as one of my favorite horror movies of all time, and Hollywood has already started producing the remake- for those of us who have seen Evil Dead, we know of Bruce Campbell's character 'Ash' . . as much as it pains me to say it; Ash will NOT be in the remake- atleast not as we know him;

Ash from 'The Evil Dead' [above] is actually being replaced by a female lead.. which pisses me off to no end. [Does this mean the female lead's boyfriend becomes a Deadite, not Linda- Ash's girlfriend from the original?] However, Bruce Campbell says that he's read the script, and he's got strong faith in the movie. [Campbell is also helping with the remake, so that much is promising.]


Number 2: Van Helsing

Anyone else recognize Hugh Jackman in this movie? It's Van Helsing; you know, the guy who goes around killing mythical monsters, Dracula, harpies, all that fun stuff. Apparently, Hollywood was planning a sequel originally, but decided it best that they remake/reboot the whole damn thing. [As in, it'll be a complete 're-imagining' so it'll be a different storyline.] Another weird thing that makes me question the reboot of this particular movie is that Tom Cruise is not only producing it; but even starring in the movie. [I'm not the only one hoping he's NOT playing Van Helsing, right?]

[I don't like the idea of Tom Cruise in a trench coat, it makes me feel uncomfortable.. and didn't he already have long hair in 'Rock of Ages' ?]

Number 3: Highlander

Whenever I think of the movie Highlander, I think back to the episode of Robot Chicken where Lindsey Lohan and Hilary Duff duke it out on top of the Hollywood sign- but this is probably due to the fact that I have a guilty pleasure for Robot Chicken. Anyways, I've learned over the time of watching movies, that generally- [most of the time, not always] '80s movies are in fact some of the best movies, because they're so damn fun to watch ! However, now they are remaking yet another '80s flick, and it's gonna be Highlander. [I'm certainly hoping for Sean Connery to make a cameo or something, because come on! he's Sean Connery!] However, as it's a remake, you can expect a few big name actors in it; the only we're aware of? None other than this guy as the lead guy;

[Seriously?! .. Seriously.]

Don't get me wrong, Ryan Reynolds is quite the looker according to many people, and he's quite an accomplished actor, but for Highlander? Okay, yeah- that's a little fucked up. I thought the main guy from Highlander was supposed to be Scottish? Isn't Reynolds like me? Canadian? haha, but all jokes aside, I'll have to see the movie, before jumping to conclusions. [The script and story are both still being written.] So there's my thoughts, if I missed any remakes, or you just have a thought or two; feel free to leave them as a comment, I enjoy hearing other people's opinion, even if there's anything you'd like to share that isn't related, leave a comment below ! -Warren.

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