Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Movie Review: Trick 'r Treat [2007]

Trick 'r Treat
is one of my all time favorite horror movies. For a movie that was hardly known around the horror community, I bought this movie on a whim. I really didn’t know what it was, who the little bagged creature on the cover was or what to expect when I finally watch it. I watched it with Stephanie as soon as I got home, and I gotta say..easily the best movie to watch on October 31. Everything about the movie makes it a joy to watch, especially on Halloween:
[Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t seen the movie DON’T scroll down.]

Everything from the werewolf sisters, SAM [who is the 'bagged creature' on the front of the DVD], The Jack-O-Lantern story with Rhonda, a murderous school principle & especially, who could forget the victims on the school bus who were killed all because of their selfish parents? and everything in between… It’s one of my all time favorite stories & I could watch it at anytime, and still find something new..
[Did I mention Anna Paquin is in the movie??]
I love the idea of 4 or 5 stories being intertwined into one larger story [if you look carefully enough, each of the other characters show up in other stories.] It also kind of offends me to know this movie was a straight to DVD release. It was so well done, that I feel that it should have had a theatrical release [perhaps on Halloween?] Sadly, it's from 2007- s0 I doubt it will be released in theaters in 2012. [*overwhelming sadness ensues*] I love this movie.. hands down, it is one of the more fantastic horror movies to come out for us horror fans, and for those who love the genre, I fully recommend it. ♥ Below you will find a GIF from the movie, and yes.. it’s none other than SAM, which had to be done.. cause he's so goddamn cute!

Here's a clip from the movie, showing Anna Paquin and her werewolf friends- playing 'hard to get'

[I'd like to apologize, after re-reading this post on the actual blog; Youtube wouldn't let me embed the video..just click on the link to Youtube to see it.. a new version of this video will be updated here soon, so you can actually watch it on the blog.]

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