Monday, December 31, 2012

2012; Another year gone by

So here we are, another year gone by. Hard to believe that it's already going to be 2013 tomorrow.. [spoiler alert; we survived the apocalypse] I figured I should post at this time because I actually run off to work today at 4 and work from 12pm to 11pm tomorrow.. so now sounds like an idea. What can we say about 2012? Well, a lot of shit happened. We got all sorts of awesome movies while others weren't really worth watching. 2012 also brought surprises, and talks of remakes that seem like fucking nightmares to fans of the original[s] while other remakes sound like a really good idea. [I'm talking about you,"Carrie"] So let us begin this final 2012 post with a snapshot of what I feel was worth talking about in 2012..

Warren's TOP 5 FAVORITE MOVIES/TV SHOWS from 2012: [no particular order] 

Number 1; ParaNorman


This was one of those movies that looks like it's for kids, but there is clearly hints that it's deemed towards adults. It had a lot of throw back to older horror films, and the animation was just plain awe inspiring. Definitely can't have a top 5 of 2012 without ParaNorman on the list- it was both cute, enjoyable and creepy; All wrapped in one.
Number 2; Dark Shadows

Here is the part where I seem a little bias. As you may or may not know, I am a HUGE Tim Burton fan; [I own every movie he's ever directed] so it comes to no surprise that when I heard he was making "Dark Shadows", I was obviously excited. However, although I enjoyed it a lot, I can't say it was my favorite Tim Burton flick [I will always prefer Ed Wood] 

Number 3; Frankenweenie

Another Tim Burton movie?! Absolutely!  This one was probably the one I preferred over the 2 Burton flicks on this list; It was both creepy & somewhat adorable. As other Tim Burton fans will tell you, this one was actually a remake! The original can actually be found on the 3 disc special edition of A Nightmare Before Christmas under the special features. [the original is from 1984]
Number 4; American Horror Story

 Although technically from 2011, I actually got to the show late.. as in one year later late. I was always told by friends that since I like scary/horror movies, that I'd actually really enjoy this show. Somehow, I put it off until this year- and holy fuck did I miss out. This show is just has so much feeling attached to it.. Funny, Scary, Creepy, Quotable, Amazing. Certainly on my top 5; I fully recommend it!
Number 5; The Avengers

Obviously, this movie was a must on this list because I'm a Marvel fan. It was entertaining to watch and there was a ton of awesome scenes. As much as I expected my favorite superhero not to be in it [Spider-Man isn't an Avenger] I still really really enjoyed it. I will admit however, I saw this for the heroes.. not just for Scarlett Johansson. Although she certainly made the movie more enjoyable. 
So there they are- 5 of my favorite movies/TV shows of 2012! As expected, there is way more that just these 5 that I enjoyed this past year, [I mean who could forget "The Amazing Spider-Man" or the new seasons of Dexter?] but there is no way I could fit them all into one posting. Bring on 2013.. I'll be posting a shit ton more than this year, since I have Fridays off school. [and not as much work; due to being at school] Happy New Years Everyone!