Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Underrated horror movie of the day; Puppet Master

We've all have those special movies that we consider to be guilty pleasures of ours; whether it's The Human Centipede or even something made by The Asylum; we all have those movies that we can't help but love- even if they are terrible. For me, one specific movie comes to mind, and that movie is none other than Puppet Master. 
[This is the box set of the 9 Puppet Master films I own.]
 Now this movie [or should I say, 'movies'] is all kinds of what the fuck, as each puppet has it's own special ability and way to kill people; [Forgive me ahead of time, as there is a lot of puppets- I'm just going to go through the important ones that I think are pretty badass..] There is Blade, who is pretty well the main puppet who is seen on the cover on the box set above with the knife hand and hook [here's a better picture- below]
There is another puppet who goes by Pinhead, and before you jump at the conclusion that he's a rip off of Pinhead from Hellraiser, be aware that he is pretty well the exact opposite of the Cenobite from Hellraiser. Below, you will find a picture of Pinhead from Puppet Master:

[See? Not even close to our favorite Cenobite..]
 [NOT a Puppet from the Puppet Master Series- figured that should be cleared up !]
Now, at the beginning of this post, I mentioned that this movie is all kinds of what the fuck; and I'm about to explain why. [Please be advised, from here to the end of the post- there IS spoilers] One very specific puppet; known only as Leech Woman has a particular ability. I'm not 100 percent on how to explain it, so I figure I ought to just show you a picture [YouTube is being lame and won't let me post a video..] ;
[Considering this seems kind of weird, disgusting, and maybe a little erotic- I figure maybe I should explain the scene; below]
If you couldn't already tell, Leech Woman is a very special kind of puppet; she's dressed provocatively, she actually moans [sexually] during her entire kill scene and she spews all sorts of nasty leeches.The what-the-fuckery part of all this, is she enters the room and does this to a guy who was tied up, blindfolded and trying out new fetish/fantasies with his lover; and apparently couldn't tell the difference between his lover and a goddamn puppet?! [that is until he catches a glimpse of the leeches] Now, as a quick note before finishing this off; I would encourage every horror fan to see this [even if it's just to say that you've seen it], and note that if you end up enjoying them, like me, there is actually 9 films, and that's not including spin offs such as Puppet Master X, and Puppet Master vs Demonic Toys [FACT: Puppet Master vs Demonic Toys actually has Corey Feldman as the great grandson of the ORIGINAL Puppet Master who created the killer puppets] So there you have it, the long awaited Puppet Master post; if you have any specific guilty pleasure movies you'd like to share; feel free to mention them in a comment. If it stands out, maybe I'll watch it, and I'll post about it next ! Until then though, if you ever have a request for a review, or just got an opinion; shout it out ! I'll be sure to read it. CHEERS !

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