Friday, September 7, 2012

Week1 of Year2; COMPLETE:

As most of you know, I am in school for Community Studies, [which will then lead into going for Social Work; in case you weren't aware.] and as of today, I'm done the first week of 2nd year !
[and it wasn't even that bad!]———————————————————————————–
Seriously, it was actually kind of fun; as long as I keep on my work this term, I should be good. Now on to more pressing matters; [I've always wanted to say that!] now that school has actually begun for the year, [This is also why I haven't been on much until now- more on that later] I can expect to be on the computer more, but for things like homework, and research papers. So if you do find me posting things here that don't involve school work; then either I didn't have any homework to worry about, or I just feel like putting it off for another day ! Now as mentioned before, I haven't posted anything original since August 23rd because it's often around that time of year that I have a lot to manage with; from Isabella's [My sister] 16th birthday this year on the 29th, work, getting ready for year 2 of college and my annual Tim Burton movie marathon- where I watch a shit ton of Tim Burton films due to being a big fan of his work [I do it every year on Aug25th- Tim's birthday]; I think it's fair to say I've been pretty fucking occupied this past few weeks. Now I'm lucky to type this up now considering my school schedule [I also get Wednesdays off this semester which is pretty awesome] has me up around 8am most mornings now, but usually only until 10am which works for me. However, with school being the main priority right now, It makes things difficult when it comes to doing movie reviews, and writing up rants on here.. So what I was thinking was I would write rough copies in a note book at school, and then go more into detail, and add photos when I get home and post them when I can? That seems about fair, doesn't it?
As mentioned above, it's going to be difficult to just jump on the computer and suddenly have a wondrous idea for a rant, or a movie review- trust me, it's not so easy.. So starting today, [I have class at 2-4, followed by work at 5-11] I'm going to start writing down ideas for rants, movie reviews, and other such things that will soon be found here- This way, I'm not scrambling for ideas to write about and suddenly a month or two goes flying by and it ends up looking like I'm not posting again.. which isn't a nice feeling. As always though, you can find the 'like' page for this blog on Facebook [found here; feel free to tell your friends] and/or even follow me on Twitter to find out updates on what I am up to [Twitter profile found here] and whenever I write a post on Firework Eyes-Haunted Hearts; the link to the new post will always be found on both Facebook & Twitter. But until then, this has been a warning post- to give you a heads up as to why I may not post as quickly as I would like to. If I was still in high school, I'd say to blame it for me not being here as much- [I never liked high school- except for the friends I made] but being a college student now, I feel that school comes first; movie reviews later- Even though we all love movie reviews, and rants. Until then though, enjoy a GIF from Donnie Darko, just cause it's probably one of the most fucked up, yet one of the most beautiful movies I've seen in a long time ! [perhaps a movie review is in order ?]

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