Monday, October 15, 2012

Photo update on the REMAKE of Evil Dead..

So as we're all aware, Evil Dead is sadly being remade. I've already talked about this before, and I don't understand why this has to happen when the original is perfect, but now a new image has surfaced. Assuming you've seen the original, I'm sure you remember the scene in the original when the first official 'deadite' is put underneath the floor boards [in the trapdoor to the basement] and is screaming constantly.. Also, assuming you haven't seen the original, first; see the damned movie [if you're into horror] it's bloody brilliant [yes,that pun was FULLY intended] and second; allow me to show you a picture [as always, it's found below] 
[And remember, this was back in 1984; talk about visual effects!]
Now, we're in 2012; and with an Evil Dead remake on the way, I would hope that this scene is going to be included. [I'm still pissed that Ash is being replaced by a girl; therefore the whole story is going to be different.. at least, it would be assumed they'd have to change it up; right?] Let me say that this scene is going to be included [fuck yes!] however this new 'deadite' looks like The freaking Grudge ! [wait..what?] You read that right, we're in an era where we have all this technology to make gore effects, and scary creatures; [unless you're The Asylum and your CGI monsters are terrible..yeah, I'm calling you out 'Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus!] and we get something worse--scary wise--than we had 30 years ago?! fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. As I cannot stress how ridiculous this is; allow me to show you the new released picture for the remake, which is supposed to be the same scene as the picture above;
[seriously?! ....seriously.]

I mean, I guess I understand the need for creepy over 'OhMyGodImNeverGoingToSleepAgain' scary, but I mean come on! The new version looks too Grudge-y for my liking, and I feel like that look is becoming as over used as paranormal films [has anyone else noticed the main horror movies lately are related to ghosts or some kind of spirit entity?] I will still see this remake as Bruce Campbell himself states that it's amazing, and that there is hints and nods at the original; [okay, and I'm kinda hoping that Bruce will do a cameo..] but I'm finding myself more and more concerned with every picture that comes out for this; next we'll see a girl with a chainsaw hand.. and then what? Then shit will hit the fan.. [assuming I'm not the only fan who will rage-quit this remake..]
 But enough about me, what do you think? Is this looking too grudge-y for you as well? Do you actually approve of this new picture and think this remake will be amazing? I'm open to opinions; I don't judge- just curious to see if others agree with this picture looking very non-Evil Dead..

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