Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Counting down 5 things about the author Part 1: HORROR MOVIES!

Recently, I've been going through a couple blogs [anywhere from Blogger to Tumblr to WordPress, etc] that I enjoy reading such as FreddyInSpace .[this is a great blog for those who absolutely LOVE the horror genre by the way, and I'm not just promoting you, John !] Freddy In Space is run by a man I only know through the Internet, but none the less- is a pretty damn awesome guy! I almost always agree with his thoughts on certain movies [not all, but most] and it actually was because of FreddyInSpace I chose to even write a blog in the first place !!

back to what I was getting at. One of the recurring themes in these blogs I was looking at was a section involving 'things you probably don't know about the author' or at least something like that.. So ultimately, I thought that this was a pretty cool idea, so I figured that it'd be fun to do my own '5 things about the author.' even if you may or may not know some of these facts already.
  • I absolutely love horror movies

you know those times when you're sitting alone [or with friends] and the lights are off, it's Dead Silent in the house and it's dark out and you're watching something ridiculously creepy like Insidious ? That's pretty well, one of my favorite things to do on a Friday night [you know, unless Stephanie isn't up to it- then I usually would wait until she's gone to visit family] I absolutely love the horror genre in general- Especially those that actually make you think. Below, you will find 3 of my favorites horror movies in no particular order..

[as stated in previous posts, this version; the original- is a masterpiece in my opinion. It stands at Number one on my list of favorite horror movies- no argument will ever change that]

[Creepshow- this movie was one I had seen as a kid and then saw again when I was 18.. sadly, I couldn't remember the title- I'd like to express my thanks to John- writer of FreddyInSpace- for helping me remember !! I think one of the things I enjoyed most about this one was the idea of combining both comic style art, and horror together.]

[Some might call me an avid fan of the SAW series- I own all 7 on DVD, I have and have beaten both Xbox360 games, and one friend in particular even claims I've watched them enough- I could probably even escape one.. That's right, my final pick is the SAW series. I enjoy all of them so I refuse to pick just one for this list. It was the SAW films that actually pushed me into the world of 'gore-horror' and I've been watching them ever since. I will say for arguments sake that my least favorite is SAW II. Although a good film, I've just seen this particular installment too many times to count. <- it was even the first one I saw, but then went back and watched 1, then 2 again, and so on- until I reached the final chapter: 7]

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