Thursday, March 8, 2012

Firework Eyes- Haunted Hearts news of the day: New movie review coming soon..

So I've been in a mood to write a new movie review ever since I finished my last one which was Human Centipede 2:Full Sequence [even though I wrote that one awhile ago!] However, my problem was [and pretty well- still is] that I couldn't decide on what movie to review. That's where you guys come in..
Below you will see a few movie posters and you get to choose which movie I do the review on! [if none of the movies I've posted are what you want reviewed, then leave me a comment here, or on the Facebook page on the movie you'd prefer]

Army Of Darkness

A Nightmare On Elm Street [1984]

A Nightmare On Elm Street [2010-Remake]

Let The Right One In..

I am planning on doing a review on each of these [plus many others] I just can't decide on which to do next.. So I'd love to hear your thoughts on which would be best to do first- Tell me here, or on Facebook !!

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