Thursday, March 29, 2012

Counting down 5 things about the author Part 2: STEPHANIE

Looking back at older posts I've noticed that I've mentioned Stephanie a lot yet I haven't really gone into depth about her. For this reason, I decided for part 2 [out of a whopping 5] of my '5 things about the author' would be about her [and our relationship] and for those keeping track at home- I'm not sucking up.. I think :)

  • Stephanie, My One & Only

okay, so it's an older picture but it works...[Left- Stephanie | Right- Warren]
Before I go into great detail[s], let's jump to present day for a couple seconds. Stephanie and I are currently engaged [engaged for 2 years in July, together for 3..pretty sure those are the numbers] We live together- Under my grandparent's roof, and things couldn't get any better [that is- until we move out on our own; after we're done our schooling though]
Okay, now we do the detail[s] & rewind back 3 years ago !! [please note- I will be leaving patches of detail out due to privacy, and let's face facts- some things are for us to know; not the internet] I suppose I'll start with the part of the story where we were both in grade 12 [two different high schools if I may add.] and we officially met through a mutual friend of ours. We were both over at this friends house and [as bad as this may sound] I couldn't look away from her. Every two seconds, I'd catch myself looking at her.. I had to get to know her. Ultimately, she ended up staying at my place one night [as her parents live out of town and it'd be easier to get to the high school she went to from my place at the time.] Eventually, that one night staying at my place became two nights, to three to four- and we were getting closer and closer. [well, you know- we'd talk about pretty much anything/hang out/joke around] One night- after she had become a regular at my place [still blows my mind knowing my parents were okay with this, and my sister and her got along :D] it was late, and we had just finished watching a movie [truthfully, I forget which one..we watched a lot during those nights] we were about to go to bed- until we abruptly kissed.. one thing led to another and...yeah. Long story short, we actually ended up dating [officially] after we graduated [anniversary date of July 1, 2009] and since then- we actually moved from the small town we lived in [when we first met] to the city of Ottawa !! [so ultimately, we went from living in a small town with my parents to ALL of my family moving to Ottawa.] Now Stephanie and I are going on 3 years together, we're engaged [not planning to marry for a few years] and planning on looking for our own place as soon as we're done school [I have one year left, and she starts in September] -To make this post feel like less writing and more pictures- here's a few pictures of Stephanie and I through out our times together [in no particular order]
*also note- most of these pictures also include the tag of 'Isabella'. She is my sister, she's the greatest sibling in the whole wide world, and no one can say different. I love you Sis, don't ever forget it :)*

[from left to right: Stephanie, myself-Warren, the Army bear guy, and Isabella]

[Stephanie & I- probably should have smiled I think..]

One of my more favorite pictures of us! [left to right- Isabella, Stephanie, Warren]

An older pic from Isabella's grad in grade 7 [look at the hair on me..]

and for the final picture- Stephanie & I [graphics done by Isabella!]

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