Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Story Time: Things I've been up to lately-

Before I begin, I would just like to apologize about how I was going to originally write Part 3 of my 'Counting down 5 things about the author' [for part 1 click here] [and for part 2 click here] [I wanted all 5 parts to be one after the other] however, I cannot for the life of me think of a third thing I could write an entire post on.. [if you have an idea, leave me a comment, here or Facebook] So instead I've chosen to write a small entry about what I've been up to when I'm not hidden behind this computer screen.

  1. I've been getting more shifts at work..
[I'm actually shocked I found a picture of the theater I work at on GOOGLE]
When it comes to working at a theater, it's usually only busy when people want movies [which although it sounds like something that would be busy all the time- it really isn't] In fact, the last time it was actually busy [like REALLY busy] was on my birthday [March 23] which was ironically the opening night of Hunger Games- and yes, I worked that day. So therefore, I've now worked opening night of Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows [Parts 1&2], Twilight: Breaking Dawn [Part 1], and Hunger Games. other than those movies there, it feels as if the movie world really has died off since everyone could/ does download movies off shit like The Pirate Bay and what not.. and that makes me sad- I never download movies. I feel that if I enjoy the movie enough, I should be willing to pay for it. Otherwise the mastermind behind the film won't get funding for a new masterpiece.. makes sense- right?

[don't get me wrong, Hunger Games was really well done, but I am getting tired of EVERYONE talking about it- like it's the only thing in the world...]
2. I have [officially] begun watching The Walking Dead..
Align Center
Now before you start freaking out on me with the hate, I know I'm quite late into the series [I believe I last heard that Season3 was starting in September?] however, Stephanie and I started watching the first season last night[I got season1 for my birthday from Mum] and watched the first 2 episodes.. and holy shit ! -I don't think I've felt so in love with a series since I first started watching Dexter or Six Feet Under![two of my favorite shows of all time] The first episode drew me right in- from the one zombie [it was a female, was almost in half.. look below. remember this one? guts hanging out the end and everything?] 

[I felt really bad when Rick shot it in the face, and it was reaching out to him.]
to the little girl zombie from the beginning of the first episode, who wore bunny slippers, and a house coat, and she's all cute and almost cuddly and then she turns around..
shiiiiit. my bad, she's a zombie.. ffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuck-----------------------------------------------------

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