Thursday, April 26, 2012

Finishing first year/How I managed to get into College-

So because I’m so excited [and you should be too!], I felt the need to tell everyone that as of last night [approximately 7:30pm] I finished my final [online] exam! Therefore, I’m done [officially] my first year of COLLEGE!!
[Thanks Kermit & Stephen Colbert, you make me smile!]
words cannot express how excited I am to be done. [I can finally focus on working more shifts, and saving more money] It’s been a long time coming- I feel relieved to be done, even if I am concerned about marks. All I really have to do now, is go into class tomorrow to be with my group when we hand in our final project [for Communications2]. After that, I’m officially on holidays [apart from work]!
I guess my excitement is to be expected, but let me explain why in the form of a story . [*This might be considered part of 'Story-Time' based on length*] Around 2 years ago now, [when I first moved to Ottawa] I had just graduated High School and all my friends were running off to College & University. [except for a few- some continued working, others went back to High School for a 5th idea why.] Myself, on the other hand, was one of the few that actually didn’t go straight to College/University. It wasn’t because I didn’t have enough money, and it wasn’t because I didn’t want to- but in fact; [although they were somewhat adequate] my math grade when I graduated was really low. [I'm talking something like 40%]. At first, I felt like it wasn’t too big of a deal- because for a long time, I didn’t really care about the idea of College or University. Yet, for some reason; I felt ashamed of this mark. FLASH FORWARD TO SEPTEMBER:[after graduation, so around 3 months later.] Stephanie had also not gone to post-secondary school, and actually began working right away. [she got an easy transfer to another Rexall here in Ottawa-] I was trying to find a job [I went through 2 or 3 until finally beginning at the Theater- where I am working now.] but I continuously thought about when I graduated- and how I seem to have graduated only by a stroke of luck. It had bothered me for some weeks until abruptly, my grandmother told me about something she heard about through a friend: Academic Upgrading.
I had never heard of this Academic Upgrading. In fact, I was a little skeptical at first. I had thoughts such as ‘Am I going back to High School?’ & ‘But- I hated high school.’ and other such thoughts. But I agreed to check it out. Oddly enough, the course was free for me [as I was still 18 at the time..weird to know that was 2 years ago*shudders], and it actually took place at Algonquin College [where I go now]. I felt strange- really strange. I didn’t understand why I agreed to this. I felt scared. I took a deep breath and decided to go full force.. Eventually, when I ended up actually in the classroom, I felt a lot better. [it helps that I met one friend- whom I still speak to: SHOUT OUT TO MARINA!] It was an upgrading program for the topic from High School you needed help in the most. So naturally- I chose MATH. I began to truly understand math for the first time in what felt like forever, and every time there was a test- I’d always try my hardest. [which never really happened in High School] I stayed in this upgrading for around 6 to 7 months, and when I finally finished it- I was told if I were to ever sign up for an actual course at Algonquin, my math mark on my report card [from grade 12] would be replaced with the mark I earned in the math upgrading. My final mark [the one that was to take over my shitty High School mark] was a whopping 95%. I was awestruck. Never had I even dreamed of this happening… and the best part was knowing that I had achieved it.—————————————————–
After finishing that Upgrading Course- I chose to go for an official course at the school, and chose to go with Community Studies, which is the one that I finished the first year officially- yesterday. [that does make sense, right?] After tomorrow [as mentioned above], when I hand in my final project into Communications2, I will officially be able to focus on just work.. I’m glad I chose to go for Upgrading first. I think although I try to be friendly to everyone, I would have be terrified to go into a new school, not knowing anyone. But now, I find myself stoked for next year. Because let’s face it- THIS YEAR WAS ONLY THE BEGINNING.
[Above: Algonquin College in Ottawa]

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