Monday, April 23, 2012

Two weeks to go! have NO idea what I'm talking about do you?

Holy shit guys, you know what happens in two weeks right?! [at least, I'm pretty sure it's two weeks..] I'm going to drop a shit ton hints below [in picture format!], and then from there, you can tell me what is going on in 2 weeks [or I'll totally just tell you!]



okay, so clearly by now- you should be able to tell what I'm talking about: THE AVENGERS! I'm nearly dying with anticipation. and because I'm so fucking excited for it- I'm going to show you guys something that comes with the joys of working at a theater.. you ready for this?! [expect some really shitty pictures of me as well- as I'm pretty sure my body is still half asleep.]

well, it seems that was a dud:
[and yes, this is precisely how I feel: like David Tennant in the rain :D]
but seriously. I can't find the awesome thing[s] I wanted to show you all. So I guess you'll have to wait- I won't leave you hanging though.. I'll literally look for the rest of the day until I find them. I will have to make a post when I find them for you guys to see- until then.. CHEERS

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