Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hold on- There's gonna be a 'Wrong Turn 5'..

..yet, 'Behind The Mask' isn't getting a prequel yet? Okay, let me rewind quickly here, [I'd also like to take the time to give a shout out again to John- the mind behind Freddy In Space for tipping me off on this whole situation & if you'd like to read his thoughts on the matter- you can read it here] Behind The Mask is one of the greatest/smartest horror movies out there,
it is made to be a mockumentry about a serial killer named Leslie Vernon. [bare in mind as well, according to this movie- famous movie killers such as Freddy, Jason & Michael Myers, all existed] The film finds 3 college friends who want to work in filming documentaries led by naive and inexperienced Taylor. These are the 3 that are going to be filming Leslie as he explains why he does what he does. How he does it, and so on and so forth. Leslie turns out to be charming, highly intelligent & passionate and decides to show the camera crew his methods and detailed planning involved with stalking and then ultimately- killing. Nathan Baesel is the man behind the mask [haha.. see what I did there?], performing as Leslie Vernon and let's face it, for those who have seen it will agree- he absolutely makes this film work. He completely nails the role and is a seriously funny dude, while later on proving to be pretty intense and terrifying. There was many references to older horror movies such as Friday The 13th, Poltergeist and A Nightmare On Elm Street. How much of a homage to these classics you ask? well, let's just say a certain someone played a role in the movie [as seen from the movie below]:

can't tell who it is? let's get a little closer to his face!

IT'S ROBERT ENGLUND! [he was the guy who played Freddy in the original Nightmare On Elm Street movies]
now back to the story telling. Behind The Mask was brilliant and those horror fans [like myself and John over at Freddy In Space] who saw the flick, absolutely fell in love. So much in fact, that the makers of the movie planned a prequel! It was to be called Before The Mask. I say 'was to be called' because the worst has happened.. It's a large possibility that it may not happen. The producers are doing a lot to get it to us, such as sell props, pre order DVD packages, and such, but it's not doing as well as they hoped. Here's my complaint- I also recently found out that the 'Wrong Turn' series is getting yet another sequel..
.. even though, they have 4 before this one. Yet, Before The Mask is going to be erased from screens before even being filmed! I find this aggravating because we already have 4 Wrong Turn films, but only one Leslie Vernon flick..[which let's face facts- we need more Leslie .]

Fucking love Leslie Vernon [above]- just saying.
I just want to close this rant by quoting John of Freddy In Space : 'I don't mean to particularly target the Wrong Turn films or suggest that we shouldn't be watching them. Hell, I love the second one and am a fan of the first as well. Third blew HARD, haven't seen the fourth yet. Anyways, there's obviously a place for films like these and I tend to have a blast watching generic backwoods horror, but it just frustrates the hell out of me to see a franchise like Wrong Turn get a new sequel almost every year, while an incredible ground breaking film like Behind The Mask has been trying to get one made for well over a year now, and just can't seem to get it off the ground. It just boggles my mind and doesn't seem right to me.'
Thanks for reading everyone. Make sure to read Freddy In Space. it's because of that genius I even found out about this whole situation at hand, and as always: SUPPORT HORROR.

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