Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Obvious Overthinking. Part2.

Some times I am curious why I like dark, twisted things. I understand that I have already touched on this topic in the 'obvious overthinking' note, but who says there can't be a part 2? Allow me to re-cap. As a child, I used to be scared out of my mind of horror movies, I couldn't even watch 'Signs' without ducking for fear of being attacked by some foolish looking alien. The very idea of an alien[s] invading Earth was the scariest idea anyone could have planted in my mind, real or fake. Now, fast forward a couple years. I am now 20, I find my mind thinks negative, dark thoughts AND I watch movies like 'SAW', and 'Insidious' [..It's not only movies, but TV too.] I used to watch 'Pok√©mon' or some other cartoon, now- as seen by my DVD collection- if it doesn't involve death; [I watch shows like 'Six Feet Under', 'Dexter', & 'Dead Like Me']somehow, I don't find it interesting, but rather find myself yawning and feeling bored. Incidentally, I was waiting in the Doctor's office once [waiting on Stephanie♥] and I was just keeping to myself when I saw a magazine.I read in that exact copy of McLean's Magazine that some people are starting to believe that those who have 'warped' minds [like myself], or find themselves depressed aren't actually 'psychologically messed up' like people like to believe, but in fact; it's because they understand how cruel the world truly is .. On a completely different note, but still relevant; it also concerns me a little how I used to think of 'The perfect dream house' when I was younger. In my mind, [at the fragile age of 8 or 9-] I truly believed that the kind of house I would own when I grew older would be a two story house, in a suburban neighborhood with many people nearby who would visit every Wednesday for supper. I believed that we [my future wife and I] would serve scalloped potatoes and pork tenderloin with carrots, because everyone likes those types of neighbors. Almost like a friendly get together for the family friends. Now that I am 20, and obviously not that individual anymore [except in some aspects], I don't like carrots, I find it weird to think of having neighbors come over every Wednesday for supper [this may indeed still happen, I can't be certain] and my dream house is not suburban, but more like the one in the picture..

I always have liked the architecture of these kinds of castles.

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