Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New trailer of the day: Ultimate Spider-Man [Animated]

As my favorite superhero, I tend to look up new updates on everyone's favorite Wall-Crawler. That's right, Spider-Man. Lately, I've been reading a lot about a new TV show [appearing on 'Disney XD'] which I've been kind of skeptical about [likely because it's Disney], but because it's based on Spider-Man, I'm naturally going to have to see what it's like. The name of this show: Ultimate Spider-Man. When it comes to the comics, I actually read both Amazing & Ultimate Spider-Man [although, I much prefer Ultimate.] So it's only natural that I'd watch the animated version of it. Growing up, I was a huge fan of the 90s Spider-Man cartoon, and am actually 'slightly' [meaning 'I'm really'] disappointed that it's actually not available to buy as a box set [at least, I haven't seen it anywhere- someone get back to me if you find it somewhere..seriously.] So hopefully this televised version of my favorite Web-Head is equally as good. Based on watching this trailer [which can be found below] I'm actually [so far] liking what I see- The animation looks nice, Spider-Man is actually sarcastic, and I can spot characters I recognize [this is always a plus.] The only thing I'm kind of worried about is that Drake Bell is doing the voice of Peter Parker/Spider-Man- which is something that I'll manage with [I'm not exactly too fussy on Drake Bell..], just because we finally get to see The Iron Spider suit !! Confused as to what The Iron Spider suit is? Look for the costume Spidey wears that kind of looks like something that Iron-Man would wear [ironically, in the comics anyways- Iron-Man made this suit for Peter].. Anyways- to get to the point of this post- watch the damn trailer! I'm shocked that I can officially say I'm excited for something going on Disney !! [wait- I get it now..Ultimate Spider-Man is going onto Disney XD because didn't Disney BUY a portion of Marvel?? *sigh* Damn it..]

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