Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My, my Quicksilver, how you've changed since I last saw you..[small rant]

First Look At Future Sentinel X Men Days of Future Past First Look At The Giant Sized Sentinel Mark X in X Men: Days of Future Past

As we all know, X-Men: Days Of Future Past looks fucking awesome. [I talked about it briefly here] We've been teased with The Sentinels which are shown in the picture above [II hate to admit it, but they almost look better than the purple ones that I remember when I was a kid!], and even characters like Quicksilver and The Scarlet Witch. [which makes sense because spoiler: they're two out of  four of Magneto's kids.] We know that Evan Peters of American Horror Story fame is playing Quicksilver and that Elizabeth Olsen is playing The Scarlet Witch [as seen below]

I actually like the idea of this; provided the costume doesn't look too cheesy..


ON THE CONTRARY when it comes to Evan Peters playing Quicksilver, I'm kind of left disappointed [which you'll see why in a minute]. When I was younger, I watched the X-Men animated series, which showed me that Quicksilver is well- quick, and a bad ass. Even his [somewhat tight] spandex silver and blue costume was pretty awesome.  However, when translated on the big screen, I feel it didn't work out so well, and by that I mean.. well, I'm gonna let the picture do the talking for itself. [below]


[Left: Evan Peters as Quicksilver[?]. Right: the Quicksilver I grew up with - the proper Quicksilver]


 Okay, so who's the guy who came up with this monstrosity?! I don't mean to judge so fucking quick, [I prefer to wait until the movie comes out before deciding if I like or dislike something] but that's not remotely close to what Quicksilver is supposed to look like; that 'look' is just..bad. His hair looks too long, he's wearing..goggles[?], and his 'costume' is just a leather jacket with jeans? [I mean, that's what I see..] Okay, I'll let this go until we see the film as a whole, but I just have no words.. [to see all 25 X-Men: Days Of Future Past Empire issue covers, check out the Firework Eyes [and] Haunted Hearts Facebook page here] Let's change the subject to avoid further ranting, shall we?


Anyone in the mood for a nostalgic trip back to 2002? I remember when I would visit a certain friend [he knows who he is] over a weekend and we'd spend the nights playing a little PS2 game about a raccoon and his two friends [who were, of course, a fucking hippo and turtle] known as Sly Cooper. It ultimately had 2 sequels spawn of it's popularity, and for good reason! Fast forward to modern day and we're teased with a measly 2 minute and 20 second teaser trailer at an animated Sly Cooper film! [teaser trailer dropped today actually, it's like I planned that or something..] Fucking took long enough for us to get a film out of him and the guys, am I right? [too bad we gotta wait until 2016 to see the film..] The trailer really only introduces the main characters, but it certainly hypes this up for fans of the games! If you haven't seen the trailer, you can see it by clicking here!



Remember before Christmas when I did a post on The Krampus? [if not, here's a link for you here- go nuts!] Here's a crazy idea for you; imagine if Kevin Smith - who is known for comedies like Jay and Silent Bob, Clerks, Dogma and the horror film Red State [which I REALLY need to get to watching..I think it's on Netflix?] - wanted to make an anthology film [basically four short films in one, all working together as one film. think of Trick 'r Treat and Creepshow..] based on Santa's little demon helper.. and I'm not just making this up! coming to the big screen is THE Krampus film we've been waiting for [at least I hope so, I trust you, Kevin Smith!] known as Comes The Krampus!  , is a film that's being made by Smith and his group SModcast. Here's what Kevin Smith had to say about it during the podcast;
"I was goofing around with Mr. Edumacation himself, Professor Andy McElfresh, when we accidentally brainstormed a Christmas horror anthology that would eschew the gruesome spin on Santa Claus, and instead embrace the Scandinavian/German Kid-Eating Christmas creature known as the The Krampus. That podcast was released 12/23/13. It took us less than a month, but Andy and I have finished the screenplay for a flick we’re calling COMES THE KRAMPUS! It’s 99 pulse-pounding pages of what’s essentially SModCo’s CREEPSHOW, with four terrifying tales stitched together by a freaky framing device. It was a blast to write and totally new to me, as I never actually wrote a screenplay WITH someone else before.And now, to extend the spirit of collaboration even further, I’M GONNA CO-DIRECT THE FLICK WITH THE SMODCO FAMILY! Andy McElfresh will direct the “The Krampus vs. The 3rd Grade” episode [SO fucked up], Jason Mewes [yes – THAT Jason Mewes] will direct the “Hitler’s Krampus” episode [twisted period piece], I will direct the “Mask Maker” episode [the Gothic horror piece], Carol Banker will direct the “The Proposal” episode [which is fucking nuts], and Jennifer Schwalbach will direct “The Bad Babysitter” – which is the framing device that holds the whole mess together. Jordan Monsanto will produce for SModcast Pictures and the twin SModCo cherries on the top of this scary sundae? I’m gonna force my Bro Scotty Mo[sier] to act in it and Babble-Meister RALPH GARMAN will feature in every episode!"

 So now I turn over to you guys, what do you think about Kevin Smith making a horror anthology about The Krampus? and am I really the only one who doesn't like Quicksiver's live-action costume? let me know! Be sure to 'like' the fan page for Firework Eyes & Haunted Hearts on Facebook; which you can find here, or even follow me on Twitter. [visit my profile here] If you have a Tumblr, be sure to follow me here or my more horror explicit Tumblr here [please be aware, that my second Tumblr page has inappropriate content for readers/viewers under the age of 18] Have a suggestion for a new post or movie review? Send me your comments and/or ideas anywhere mentioned above. Until my next post though, CHEERS

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