Saturday, January 18, 2014

a [more] personal post: by Warren. 

[note: my place of work doesn't ENTIRELY look like this.]

So before I begin this post, I'd like to apologize for my possible terrible writing as I've been awake since 2:45am because of a bunch of calls for work, and I'm exhausted.. [I was on call last night] For those that are unaware, [which would be most of you since I don't exactly shout my job from mountains] I work at a mortuary [I have for the past 6 months] full time now, where I pick up deceased from the place of death [including people's homes] and bring them to the different funeral homes around the city. It goes without saying, that this means that I DO see dead cadavers almost [if not] every day I'm at work. I'm not about to go into too much detail, not only since it's a little graphic at times; but also because I'm under contract saying I won't tell people anything I see/do. [pretty obvious] Moving on from a fairly grim [no pun intended] topic I have decided to make this a somewhat update post! [I know; blaahhh, I hate doing these too..] For starters, I figured I'd mention that I will still post here, and hopefully still frequently- it just depends if work allows. [my past few shifts have included being on call which means I could be called at any time of the night- and I don't want to start typing and then have to run off and be gone for 2 hours.. again.]


In this part of the update, I am gonna mention yet another reason I'm excited for May. as mentioned in my 100th post , I mentioned that the King himself, Bruce Campbell was coming to Ottawa for Comic-Con and I am super stoked. To make things almost 100000% [note: I just pushed zero a bunch of times, not an actual percentage] better, we've been updated with the news of having none other than Robert Englund, as in THE ORIGINAL FREDDY KRUEGER join the cast of people coming this year! This means only one thing; I NEED to book of work, and soon too! 'WELCOME TO PRIME TIME, BITCH!'

[Hero From The Sky; Ashley Williams]
Speaking of Bruce Campbell, I went ahead and made an impulse purchase last week [not really a surprise actually..] and bought my newest prized possession: The Hero From The Sky! As seen above, he's an exclusive from Comic-Con in San Diego, but with my [new] friend- Amazon - I bought him and I'm sure when I set him up [I'll have a picture on Instagram, follow me here: warrenisweird] , he'll look beautiful. The link to the figure on Amazon can be found here .

 [a new favorite website..seriously.]
The last thing I'll leave this 'update' on is that I will most likely not be doing movie reviews on here anymore, it takes up an entire post, and as noticed, I've been trying to fit 3 or more things into each post. This is where Letterboxd comes into play. Letterboxd is a website dedicated to making a film diary [or two] and writing reviews on each movie. It's basically my new favorite thing which I've been using frequently. The best part of it, is that you can like people's reviews, post your top 5 favorite films and even add movies to a watchlist. You can even keep track of the films you've been watching lately [which is the 'diary' I mentioned above]. You can follow me on Letterboxdl; this is my profile !


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