Wednesday, January 22, 2014

At long last, the mash up we've been waiting for: Dexter Morgan VS. Patrick Bateman

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To most, it's fairly obvious that I'm a huge fan of 'Dexter' ; I read the books, and I've got the complete series on DVD. [even if that finale was somewhat meh..] Naturally, this would make sense that I'm also a fan of the movie [I need to read the book] 'American Psycho' as well! I feel that Patrick Bateman is what some would call an almost 'perfect killer'. [I stand by Dexter though because of how he's portrayed in the books] Ever since the end of Dexter, I found myself wondering what kinds of other killers he could have gone after [now that the show's done and all]. Now, thanks to a Youtuber named 'Alex Kropinak' , we can actually see what it would be like if good ol' Dex went after Bateman. The best part of this :49 second video is that it feels like it actually could be an episode- because it works really well.. too bad it was left on a cliff-hanger. [fucking bummer, I know -_-] still gotta hand major points to Mr. Kropinak for making this bad ass video! If you haven't seen the video, it can be seen here, let me know what you think in the comments below, cause I can't get over the quality!


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