Thursday, May 29, 2014

Jeez! Mattel, that's.. a little weird..?
points to the artist: that's fucking creepy.
 Anyone who knows me personally, [or even through the internet and my Tumblr posts] knows I usually find myself siding with the villains in movies, TV shows, and even video games. One specific villain however, I've loved ever since I was a kid: and that villain is none other than Skeletor himself. He was menacing, ruthless, a fucking walking skeleton, and .. okay, maybe a little cheesy. None the less, Skeletor was- and remains to be- a fucking badass, and no one can tell me different.

only the greatest laugh in the history of ever.
 However, the real problem now is the fact that the toy company Mattel- who make the He-Man action figures- has introduced our favoirte Skull-faced Slavemaster as nothing more than an child and seems to be taking a crap into Panthor's saddle [see the picture below]! It's only available to Masters Of  The Universe toy subscribers next month for $35 so be sure to be quick! [if you're so compelled - you can find it here]

what. the. actual. fuck.

talk about embarrassing! I don't even understand why this would be a necessary addition to the He-Man toy line.. I can't think of any sense behind this monstrosity! ..and it really fucking creeps me out. Unless of course, it's based on this Robot Chicken skit? [that doesn't mean it needs a toy though!] It's things like this that freak me out.. this, and clowns, but we don't talk of such.


Now that's the Skeletor I know and love.
So what do you think of  Baby Skeletor®? Is it a new Collector's Item or Nightmare Fuel?
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