Thursday, May 1, 2014

wait, there's gonna be a Sharknado 2? .. let alone a SHARKNADO 3?!
Sharknado is a film that looks so deliciously bad..

 I'd like to start with saying that I have not had the pleasure [or pain according to some] of seeing the 'epic' film known as "Sharknado". I know the concept, and I find it to be ridiculous. [which might be one reason why I want to see it..] However, that would be a review for my Letterboxd account later and is [clearly] a different topic completely.


I'm here to talk about the fact that apparently the first film was so well received, [along with many fan made posters of parodies of the film: I mean, 'Cagenado'? : really people?!]  that there's not just one sequel planned, but two more full length Sharknado films ! I only wish I could make this up, it's utter ridiculousness, and I'm actually kind of thinking that they look like fun [even if they do look fucking terrible..] With the second film being dubbed as "The Second One", I don't know what I was expecting.. I mean, as I said above - I haven't seen the first film - but SyFy has had a lot of strange films come out of their studios [I won't even MENTION 'Sharktopus'..]: and Sharknado is no different.
So I'm assuming this one takes place in New York?
 Even if this is just a picture, it does kind of worry me for the film. It looks cheesy ['shark happens'.. okkk?] but oddly enough, maybe that's what SyF y is playing off of. Maybe it's supposed to be utter crap, so it can draw in the audiences - I mean, that would explain the huge fan-base Sharknado already has. [I've even seen T-SHIRTS with the 'shark-nado' printed on it.. jeez] Unfortunately, there's only the news that a third film has been announced, with no [official] poster or anything yet.. although, this could be considered a good thing. [build-up is key, right?]
as bad as this shot looks, it makes me REALLY want to see Sharknado..

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