Friday, June 6, 2014

'you can't take a picture of this: It's already gone..' [Six Feet Under]

The Fishers

 When I think of television shows that have truly moved me, I don't think modern TV shows like Breaking Bad, Orange Is The Black, or even Dexter [although, I fucking LOVE me some Dexter]. I immediately think of my true love for the Fisher family from Six Feet Under. It's the most real television I've ever watched: there's love, there's hate, there's even death - a lot of it. However, that's the beauty of the show; that life is precious, and that no matter what happens: family is there.
father and son.
I was first introduced to this show when I was about 15 [I'm now 22], and it actually got me curious about the funeral business [which I ironically enough work in now] and how it works 'behind the scenes'. I learned about different things like how family plan the arrangements, and even how real the pain can feel when a loved one passes on. For this reason, I fell in love with the show even more when I started working for a funeral home; because I feel like I understand better. As I said, it's the most real television I've ever watched; so much in fact [and I don't mean to circle-jerk like everyone else] that the SERIES FINALE crushed me. I cried so fucking hard- and I haven't ever done that because of a show!
the beginning of the end: Everyone's Waiting.

I guess it's because I grew to love the Fisher family so fucking much; we learn about their personal lives, and the pains they go through. after five [almost] perfect seasons, how could you not feel what they felt? You grow to care for them, and feel hurt when they hurt: It's almost painful to watch, yet you're too fucking sucked in to turn it off, because of it getting better and better!
I mean, I guess I should mention Michael C Hall being naked [more than once] in this masterpiece..

Wednesday. June 4th. 2014  marked the 13th year anniversary since we were first introduced to the Fishers: who will forever be my favorite television family.. I miss you guys - a lot. It's like the show proves: 'Everything. Everyone. Everywhere. Ends..'  I'm starting to think it's time to restart the series [I felt like I struck gold when I got the complete series for only $50! thank you pawn shops!], because I know that it's calling me back - especially as someone who works in the funeral industry.
I'm okay. just breathe, I'm not going to cry, I'm not going to - fuck.

As I finish this post, I look up at the DVD shelf, while the box set[s] for Six Feet Under stare me in the eyes. Telling me to start fresh: and maybe I will, but not now- I'm not ready to breakdown..again.

thanks for reading and remember:
your whole life has been leading to this
- Warren.  

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