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The 30 Question "HORROR LOVER CHALLENGE" [Part 6 of 6]

So here it is, the final part to my version of LiZZYizTWIZTid's "30 QUESTION HORROR LOVER CHALLENGE". We've gone through questions such as 'best impalement' to 'favorite serial killer.' Whatever you like, this 30 question 'challenge' has it. [if you missed a part, here's a few quick links to part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, and part 5] I must say [and in fact I think I did say in one of the other parts] this challenge was a lot of fun to put together- it made for a lot of blog space, and not only that, but it got me to actually think about the genre I love enough to actually think about some things I didn't consider [what was my favorite version of Jason Voorhees? I never really thought about that until Part 5..] However, if I'm to do this kind of thing again- I will make sure ahead of time that it isn't 30 questions long.. more like 5 to 10. [which would actually all fit in one post- as opposed to being split up into 6 parts..]


You're Next.
Since I first saw the trailer for this, I figured it was going to be like every other home invasion film, with the whole family getting trapped in their own home and a bunch of people torturing them one by one. However, when I was at Chapter's the other day- I was glancing through the latest issue of Fangoria, and they were actually showing some behind the scenes and even small screenshots from the film which quickly got me stoked for this movie, and easily changed my mind about the movie as a whole.

this particular scene is pretty intense. I mean, the guy almost gets away, until all the zombies crowd around him and slowly rip at his neck until his head is quite literally removed away from his body. [see the clip here] It doesn't help that the one zombie is holding him in place by his eyes either.. But it does go to show how good Tom Savini's special effects hold true to the zombie genre- especially for this being from the 1980s.


Bubba Ho-Tep.
I had a few choices in mind when it comes to B-MOVIE films. But, I naturally had to go with Bubba Ho-Tep. If you haven't seen it, it's basically about an [aging] Elvis Presley- played by none other than the chin himself, Bruce Campbell- and a [black] John F. Kennedy. These two [very unlikely] heroes find themselves up against a 3000 year old redneck Mummy [yes, like Egyptian Mummy..] who is feeding on the souls of the elderly people in their retirement home. if that doesn't sound pretty fucking fantastic to you, I don't know what to tell you.. This movie is so bad, it's good!


John Kramer - SAW.
NOTE: before I go into why I chose him, please be aware I do not condone what he does, I realize he's a fictional character- but I'm just saying don't go and do it because I said it's okay.. because it's not. at all. [and now we continue] I had to go with John Kramer because he believes he's doing good in the world by ridding those who are deemed evil. To use a quote he says in one of the SAW films, he's never actually killed anyone. He puts his 'subjects' into situations where they can free themselves..from themselves. If they live- great, they passed- if not; well, then they didn't learn from their mistake[s]. Remember I chose JOHN KRAMER for my answer here.. NOT Hoffman!


Now, I'm not going to spoil it - because I know some [specific] readers probably haven't seen the movie yet, plus what would be the fun in that? Therefore, I'm not wanting to make any assumptions so I'll leave it at saying that the end of Hostel: Part II had an ending I really didn't expect. [at least, you know, during my first watching..] All I'll say is that it involves the woman in the picture above. not the guy. Feel free to look it up, just know that I didn't ruin it for you..

 So there we have it; all 6 parts have been completed. I believe we covered everything- from decapitations, to horror music, to even favorite actors being slaughtered in film! What was your favorite question/response? What kinds of answers would you put if you were to do this 'challenge'? Let me know
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