Monday, July 29, 2013

Jeff Wadlow gives us some info on the X-FORCE movie! 

In case you haven't heard, there is most definitely going to be an X-FORCE movie- and yes; it's going to be good! Kick-Ass 2 writer [and director] Jeff Wadlow has revealed some of his favorites from the X-FORCE comics and even a possible hint as to who we should expect to see in the final version of the film! He also distinguishes the difference between the X-Men and the actual X-FORCE team! If you look throughout the Marvel Comics, there have been a few X-Force books, one of them being about a character by the name of Cable, and another known as Warpath. Warpath is in X-Men: Days of Future Past [comic version and hopefully movie as well!] so it’s safe to assume that he’ll make it into the X-FORCE film.. However, the question is whether or not Cable [along with his pals Deadpool and Domino] could end up being introduced in the X-Men film universe as well. If anything, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine may end up becoming Cable since in the Ultimate Marvel universe, this is what happens.. Not to mention, based on the Days of Future Past footage showcased at the San Diego Comic-Con [as seen in the link], we did read about a graying Wolverine who ends up traveling back in time to meet the 1970s X-Men.


If you were to look at the original X-FORCE team that started The New Mutants comics, you'd notice a roster of characters that included Boomer, Cable, Cannonball, Copycat, Feral, Shatterstar and Warpath. The second volume of The New Mutants was featured with a similar group of mutants, but it had also included Sunspot. The latest version of The X-FORCE comics showed a black ops Wolverine-led assassination squad [who was working for Cyclops], with characters like Caliban, Hepzibah, Warpath, Wolfsbane, Wolverine and X-23- but this later turned into a team with Cable, Domino, Archangel and Deadpool. I suppose we can only expect a combination of both of these teams as a good starting point, especially with the fact that there is continuous talk of a Deadpool film [at this rate, this will happen later rather than sooner] Whatever the case may be, it sounds like Mr. Wadlow himself, has a rough idea [rough idea so far]of who he wants to include in The X-FORCE movie! [see the quote below]
"Look, I’m a huge Deadpool fan, who doesn’t love Wolverine – but obviously Cable is an iconic character we haven’t seen onscreen yet. I love Psylocke, Domino is an amazing character – it’s a long list of characters that have appeared in ‘X-Force’ – Colossus is in the current lineup… There’s a lot of really exciting characters that you can use in ‘X-Force’ that have been in other movies, that haven’t shown up, or maybe there’s ways to re-imagine them, even though they might’ve shown up in other films."


What about you guys? who do you want to be in the X-FORCE movie? As for me, I'm always hopeful for a proper movie version of Deadpool [I'm forever a fanboy!] and an on screen version of Cable would be pretty awesome! Let me know who you'd want in the comment section below! Be sure to 'like' the fan page for Firework Eyes & Haunted Hearts on Facebook; which you can find here, or even follow me on Twitter. [visit my profile here] If you have a Tumblr, be sure to follow me here or my more horror explicit Tumblr here [please be aware, that my second Tumblr page has inappropriate content for readers/viewers under 18] Have a suggestion for a new post/movie review? Send me your comments and/or ideas anywhere mentioned above. Until my next post though, CHEERS!

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