Monday, October 14, 2013

New photos surfaced from Spike Lee's Oldboy remake..

oldboy ver4 xlg Lots of Oldboy Clues Dropped in New Stills, Tense Clip!

It's no secret that 'Oldboy' is one of my favorite foreign films [read my thoughts on the film here] ever. [next to 'Pan's Labyrinth'] So when I heard about the fact that Spike Lee was gonna remake it, I naturally got offended. Now, I've already in part talked about how I think this remake is actually gonna be pretty insane, and I'm now more curious than upset, but we have to wait til November to find out if they are making the twist at the end the same as the original. [I personally don't believe they'll do it exactly the same due to North American audiences "not being able to handle it"] Up til now, we only had a trailer, and some small hints about this remake, and honestly, I felt some off these 'hints' didn't help us understand anything. [but I suppose that makes sense; so they can build the suspense] However, now newer photos have surfaced, and yes- they're making me much more excited! [thank you Bloody-Disgusting for posting these!]

[For those of you keeping count at home; that IS Samuel L. Jackson..]


 [The most we know about this guy, is that he's our villain.. his name? no idea as of yet..]


[Who is this woman, and how does she tie into the story? we'll find out November 24th!]


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