Thursday, May 10, 2012

Movie Review: Kick-Ass [2010]

Please note- before I officially begin this review, I'd like to point out that I will be in fact use pictures and GIFs from the movie in this review [so there are spoilers]: If you still wish to read the review, it is found below.

ALSO! As I've stated before, I'm moving all my movie reviews over to this blog from Tumblr. This is one of the first reviews I actually ever did on a movie [or at least the first one I ever wrote- rather then explain out loud] The movie? It's Kick-Ass!
Posters Kick Ass

I actually really enjoy this movie- there's good actors, it's an amazing script [oddly enough, it's based off a comic book], and I can pretty much relate.
Our story starts off with a voice over of a teenager [roughly 19 years old] explaining exactly that: ‘who wouldn’t want to be a superhero? We see it all the time in the movies? why not in real life?’ Dave [the teen main character who's voice we heard earlier] has two best friends, and together they always love going to the comic book store to look up on the new releases of Spider-Man & Hellboy [I mention Hellboy cause there is a comic poster showing Hellboy in the background of the comic store. Keep an eye open!] & one day, he mentions his thoughts on real live superheroes to his friends; who reluctantly shrug his idea off. Dave thinks otherwise, especially after they got mugged on the way home from the comic store and gave over their newly bought comics [either that or get killed..right?] so that night he goes on his Macbook to [‘.ca’ cause the movie is Canadian.] and is looking at…Diving Gear? .After getting his delivery in the mail, Dave looks at his new diving gear and tries it on, and he looks exactly like a superhero!!
[okay, he looks 'pretty much' like a superhero- I take back that 'exactly' part.]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Dave then heads to school, costume under his shirt and all- and he feels pretty damn good about himself. So while he’s walking home that day, Dave catches up to the two guys who mugged him and his friends earlier [took their comics, remember?] and proceeds to take his shirt off and become the superhero he always dreamed of being. He begins to talk tough to the two muggers [who by this point are trying to break into a car.] and the one mugger tells Dave that he’s clearly high based on his appearance. Dave denies being high, and talks harshly again to the muggers, who begin to get ready to attack. Dave starts out fighting well, although it’s clear as day that he is swinging too widely, and ultimately; gets stabbed..
It's from there that he's rushed to the hospital and he begged the ambulance driver to throw out his clothes- cause it'd be too embarrassing. This doesn't stop Dave though- in fact, it actually pushes him harder. This is where I'm actually going to end the review- I don't wanna ruin it too much, because it's a really good movie and you almost have to see it for yourself to understand the the whole story. ALSO! there is actually a gory scene! anyways, I strongly recommend it! Especially if you love superheroes, and/or always wanted to be one! [I was like that when I was younger- maybe this is why I enjoy this film so much?]
Did I mention Nicholas Cage is in Kick-Ass? ...with a creepy pedo 'stache?

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