Monday, May 14, 2012

Movie Review: AVENGERS [2012]

-Being as it broke all sorts of crazy records, I figured it was time to do an Avengers review!
Although I want to assume, I want to let you guys know that as always this is a review and my thoughts on a movie [and being that it is on Avengers, it's gonna be have pictures from the actual film-] so expect spoilers! Now.. to begin, I'd like to point out that I didn't get to see the movie opening night as I originally had planned. I actually had to work- and holy shit was it ever busy.. out of 12 of our theaters playing the movie, 5 of them were playing Avengers [both having 3D, 2D & AVX] and 2 of those theaters were sold out for the rest of the day! [bear in mind that I mean 12 theater screens in one complex] Luckily, although I worked the next day as well, I was finished at 4pm- so naturally, Stephanie, her friend Jessica, and I went to see Avengers then! It was a late show [as stated before, the others were sold out] around 9:45, and there was a line already started.. we eventually got into the theater. .
By the end of the movie, I was amazed. I couldn't help but find the movie was fantastic! Josh Whedon [the guy who wrote and directed Avengers] did a fantastic job writing let alone scripting the story. It tied all the superheroes together from their own respective movies which made me happy. [please note that this is going to sound bad, but I haven't seen Captain America yet.] There was a lot humor,

[this actually happens in the film!]
there was a good story that was easy enough to follow, Loki was as beautiful as always,

and there was superb actors in it! [I always like me some Robert Downey Jr as well] But hold on- I wanna go back on that 'superb actors' part. Now, I'm not saying that he was a bad choice- as he actually won me over by the end of the film..But I was feeling off at first about Mr. Mark Ruffalo playing Bruce Banner/Hulk.

Don't get me wrong- he did win me over- just the first thought of him playing Banner really messed with my head. [Spoiler Alert! there is a part in the film where he's pretty much naked after changing into The Hulk for the first time- below!]
Ultimately, I'll conclude this review with planting the idea of telling you guys to go see it! It's really amazing, and I cannot stress enough [as a guy who reads Marvel comics] that it was really well put together! If you go see it however, stay after the credits- there are 2 extra scenes [the first of which actually lines up Thor2] .. I'll post a picture- but consider it a major spoiler! Anyone ever heard of Thanos? [pretty sure it was him- let us compare from movie to comic-]

[here's Thanos at the end of Avengers]
[here's Thanos from the comics]
[*Deep breath*- geek moment-] He's the guy who wants to steal The Infinity Gauntlet [he is seen wearing it in the picture above- the comic version] from The Armories in Asgard. If he succeeds, He can pretty well rule the galaxy- I want to assume he's going to team up with Loki in Thor2 and from there, attempt what he started in Avengers. But that's where I'll leave you- 1. go see Avengers, it's well worth it! 2. Make sure you see the credits! and 3. After going to see the movie [assuming you haven't already..], let me know who you think the army Loki had in the movie were. [I'm just hopeful that it's The Skrull]<- Here I go again, sounding more nerdy than I need to! Until my next post/review/rant, CHEERS.

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