Tuesday, May 15, 2012


For those who know me [and even those who don't], know that Spider-Man is my favorite superhero. Even since I was a child, I'd run home from school and watch the 1990's series of The Amazing Spider-Man- the one that I still desperately want to find on DVD, but no one has made a full collection; just various episodes sprawled across 5 or 6 different DVDs..

[Please tell me I'm not the only one who remembers this cartoon!]-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I already own the original 1967 Spider-Man cartoon on DVD, and it is still one of my most prized possessions. [that and my Nightmare On Elm Street DVD collection- I like collections..don't judge me just yet.] I am also a fan the live action Spider-Man movies with Tobey Maguire. Now before I get any hate- I did have some complaints, I won't say they were perfect. I read the comics, and I found they were way off in some aspects, but alright in others. When I heard they were remaking the Spider-Man films; I was a little uneasy [considering they kinda messed them up before]. I held my tongue and watched the trailer. Eventually, I found myself still concerned for the movies because of the whole Lizard tie-in.. Yet every time there is a TV spot, or a new trailer- I find myself to watch it; hoping it'll change my mind. Now when I went to see Avengers [I have a review for that movie which can be found here] there was a 3rd new trailer...and that is the one which made me realize that this remake- the remake of a movie about my favorite hero- will be a huge success. I have a few reasons for this:
1. Spider-Man actually makes fun of his enemies this time around. [Tobey's Spider-Man did a little- but not as much as he should have..he's Peter Parker for crying out loud!]

2. Spider-Man has webshooters, rather than the webs coming out of his actual wrist. [this is a big deal for me, cause that's how it was in the comics- Spider-Man actually made his webshooters after being bitten.]

3. Gwen Stacey came first! NOT Mary Jane. [although we all know Peter Parker ends up with Ms. Mary Jane Watson in the end; Gwen Stacey- who will be played by the lovely Emma Stone- was Peter's first girlfriend in the comics..way before he even knew of MJ's existence!]
So to make this super short and to the point [I think I've rambled enough], I logged onto both Twitter & Tumblr this morning and found a 4 minute SUPER PREVIEW that I could not just keep to myself.. [I think of the other Spidey fan's, y'know?] it makes me stoked as hell for the new Spidey flick, and I'll say it- Andrew Garfield- who is playing our new Spidey, looks Amazing as Spider-Man! [get it? Amazing? Amazing Spider-Man? ..too soon?] So enough rambling from me and get watching the SUPER PREVIEW- It's bloody fantastic!

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