Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Are you as stoked as I am about these films?? I sure hope so!!

I have some awesome stuff to talk about in this post; this is legitimately the first time in a while I've been this excited for movie related info! From Comic Book adaptations to long awaited sequels; this is gonna be fun to talk about! So without delaying any further than I already have, let's begin! starting, of course, with some info on the Sinister Six film!


Sony's Sinister Six film has an official Director: 
 Who is it, you ask? If you follow me on Letterboxd, you'd know of one my favorite horror films of recent years is [obviously] The Cabin In The Woods. I love the camera work, the direction it took, everything about it is perfect. [in my opinion anyway] For this reason, I'm beyond stoked that Sinister Six's Director is none other than Drew Goddard! He seems to be getting a lot of attention from MARVEL as he's also penning the screen play, and even writing the pilot episode of the upcoming Daredevil series! Only thing is how the fuck are they going to make a movie out of a group of six villains? These guys aren't exactly good. Just what the hell does Goddard have up in store for us? More importantly, will it be worth watching? 


is there WRECK-IT-RALPH sequel coming? :
Moving away from comics for a moment, let's talk animated films. I'm sure I wasn't alone in the theater cheering during the film Wreck-It-Ralph. It had awesome video game cameos,  the story was touching as all heck, and it was an all around fun time. But do we really need a sequel? I mean, I feel like the first end perfectly. What else can be done with the characters? Unless they work together on a new threat? [all that's known about this sequel is that "it's in the process of being written".]


Is the Goonies finally getting it's sequel? Sounds like it! :
Clearly, it's been awhile since the first Goonies film was on the big screen, and rumors of a sequel have been around since at least 2007. The idea had crashed and ultimately - burned - a dozen times; but now we're getting something that sounds a little more official. In a recent interview, Director of the original, Richard Donner, has stepped up and said that a return to the Goonies is [finally] on its way! The other thing is what would this sequel be about? I'm just saying, the actors from the original are not exactly the same age as they were the first time.. like more than 25 years older! So would it include new kids to do the adventuring? Or are we going to see a middle-aged version of the Goonies hitting the big screen? [I don't know how I feel about a middle aged version..]


I can't even contain my excitement for this!
So how do we feel about the idea of a new Goonies film? yay or nay? More importantly; how fucking awesome is it that Drew Goddard is doing the Sinister Six film?! Also, if you're interested: I recently saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and even wrote a review on it: read it here!

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