Sunday, December 22, 2013

So WHAT exactly is a Krampus?!

[Note: I understand not everyone celebrates Christmas, this post is not bias or judgemental in anyway, and I believe you can celebrate whatever you wish this December25th] Seeing as Christmas is coming faster than ever, and I am finally done with Christmas shopping [not to mention the fact that I happened to get Christmas off at work!] - I figured I'd post about my favorite mythological creature: The Krampus. 

In short, The Krampus is a demonic, goat-like creature found in the Alpine [and surrounding] countries' folklore which supposedly rides along with good ol' Santa, and actually punishes and tortures children who have been naughty. Coal in your stocking doesn't sound too bad now does it?? The Krampus is known for using whips, chains, blades, and sometimes- he'll [it IS a 'he', right?] even go so far as to kidnap kids from their beds.. assuming they're weren't good through-out the year. 

[I think he's just a misunderstood beast..]


If there was ever a creature to be scared of this [and every other] Christmas, it's this guy. Hell, he makes the Santa Claus from Santa's Slay and Silent Night-Deadly Night [two excellent horror flicks- perfect for this time of year!] combined look safe! ..okay, maybe not- but you get my meaning. I did some research on Santa's little demon friend, and came across the photos used above; apparently they are cards [y'know, like Christmas cards..] that are specifically for kids from The Netherlands in order to make they realize they better be good, unless they want The Krampus coming after them! I'd certainly go to bed on time if I was threatened by this guy.. I mean, fuck- he's terrifying! I do congratulate the Alpines though for adding this twist on the 'naughty or nice lore', cause this fellow beast would make almost anyone nice. I know they got my vote!

[is Krampus ripping that kid's ears off?!]
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