Thursday, September 5, 2013

Trailer of the day: RoboCop [Remake] 2014

Oh, childhood! I still remember when I was younger and I saw the original Robocop film. It was awe inspiring, graphic, and pretty damn bad-ass! Flash forward to today and we've got a Hollywood utopia that has almost no originality left and a dozen and one remakes that either have been or are being made. One such remake, is Robocop. I'm sure I'm not the only one who suspected this would happen, and so today we got ourselves the first official trailer for the 2014 release of this remake.


Although, I'm not 100 percent sure I know how I feel about this remake; it has a lot of big names attached [one of which is Samuel L Jackson who is in his SECOND remake this year: first one being the OLDBOY REMAKE] to it so that at least much is promising. The one thing that veteran Robocop watchers will notice almost immediately is the change in suit. They've switched the classic silver-y/gray suit to a more militant black. [as seen in the headline picture above] You've gotta hand it to the writers of this specific remake though.. the new suit looks pretty damn impressive- and with a budget of [a mere] $100,000,000... you really can't go wrong with a new suit. I suppose all that's left now is to see the actual movie [that or see another trailer]. Robocop is being released into theaters everywhere in February 2014: so until we know more.. be sure to hit me up in the comments below about what you liked and don't like about this remake of a classic action/cop film. [I've left the newly released trailer for Robocop down below.]


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