Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hold on a second.. There's a NEW Harry Potter movie?!

[Writer's Note: This post was SUPPOSED to come out on Friday, but due to my job having me be on call over night all weekend- right now included- it got difficult to find the time to type this up] When I say Harry Potter, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Childhood? Best book/movie series ever? Over? well, not entirely on that last bit. According to some recent news, J.K Rowling is actually writing the screen play for a 'Harry Potter' spin-off, based on one of the small books she wrote to accompany the series known as; Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them. This book is actually an almost encyclopaedia of all the weird mythical monsters that were in the Harry Potter books, but I'm sure J.K Rowling has a way that she'll turn this into a movie[s].


Personally, I have hopes that she'll make it into a type of origin to how the book was written. [for those that don't know] The book was written by a character of the magical world know as Newt Scamander . So perhaps the movie will follow him finding the creatures and documenting them.. Another interesting point is according to, J.K Rowling has stated in an interview that this particular movie will take place approximately 70 years BEFORE Harry's timeline began- therefore, it's unlikely familiar characters like Ron, Hermione, and Harry will return for the film. Not much is known at this point, especially since the release date probably isn't for awhile now, but hopefully more news will be released to the public- this way, we can figure out actors, dates and everything else about this new spin-off!

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